Hive – The Communal Road To Independence

Brilliant Design

Stability trumps random rewards that may in fact disappear. This is an aspect that so many do not fully explore. A lot of content creators avoid Hive and other second layers such as Leofinance due to the fact that it is initially quite difficult to gain any meaningful traction. Posts can sometimes slip past unnoticed, even if they are informative and of a decent caliber. However, quality does eventually gain recognition.

The Hive model does offer the best long-term prospects in regards to stability and rewards. It is not reliable upon outside sponsors or companies and therefore has an edge that I find paramount. Independence is at the heart of my own economic construct and though complete Independence is not very realistic, it is important to have as much of it as possible.

I recently mentioned on that I had a large Twitter account (11K) that got suspended in 2017 because I was tweeting about ICO’s. If Twitter is a primary part or mechanism in your own construct and that happens, you are done!

The same can be said if you have a primary source of income that is reliant upon sponsorships or alternative monetary creation. If those contributions dry up, so do your earnings. This is where the Hive economic model makes so much sense and is given validation.

Hive Is All About Building

The community has to be committed in order to grow and remain relevant. Fortunately, that is actually the case. Dedicated members of the community realize that in building Hive, they are building up their own economy as well. This is a highly attractive aspect that is very unique and is only possible due to the way Hive is designed and operates.

In most cases, the entity wins the majority of the time but in the case of Hive, it is different. The entity and community are the same people. This creates a powerful dynamic because the motivation is unparalleled. It is a true case of a win/win scenario, which I love!

Tribes & The Multiplication Factor

Tribes are basically second-layer solutions that have their own native token. Many may not be aware of this but when making use of Tribes, you are in essence posting to multiple platforms and earning multiple tokens.

Posting an article on Hive, users can tag in certain Tribes, enabling them to earn HIVE, LEO and a multitude of other tokens as their posts are also visible on the second layer. For instance, I may earn $12 for my post on Hive. If I simultaneously posted to Leofinance as well, I could earn a second $12, in some cases more and others less.

Endless Opportunity

Essentially, I am multiplying my earnings by utilizing the second layer and receiving the applicable tokens as a reward. Hive is an economy that is built upon a tokenomics construct that works and is rewarding.

Just because a platform rewards users with Crypto, does not necessarily make it a decentralized entity. Similarly, not every Crypto project is decentralized. This is a more common misunderstanding than you may realize.

Protecting Your Interests

By making use of a more decentralized model, you are protecting your property and contribution. This is why many Youtubers have created alternative backup accounts on platforms such as Odysee and 3Speak! It is wise to make use of as many opportunities as possible. However, it is also wise not to have a considerable portion of your income reliant upon a centralized company or entity. This is becoming more and more important in this ever-changing world. Soon it will become imperative for many. Censorship is becoming a real concern for a lot of content creators.

Commitment = Influence

In many ways, the extent to which you are committed to the growth and development of the Hive ecosystem is directly tethered to the influence you hold. The voting mechanism operates on a weighting basis, which is given relevance by the amount of Hive Power a user holds. Users are required to lock up their Hive in order to gain HP (Hive Power) that enables them to vote and interact on the platform. This is however not an incorruptible design, as users can simply buy HP and gain a dominant weighting.

Something that may become a consideration in the future, is to only authorize earned Hive to be used as HP. I understand that this is counterintuitive to growth and development but perhaps a partial percentage could be considered further down the road. As with everything, balance is very important. Correctly weighting growth against an incorruptible process is also important.

Final Thoughts

In light of the potential and advantages available to Hive users, I would consider it rather important to ensure, as a content creator, you definitely make use of the Hive ecosystem. The journey of a thousand steps always begins with the first step, there is no escaping it! So best you get started!

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