Axpire – Is This Project About To Surprise?

A Working Product

Axpire provides software solutions for enterprises and businesses, with a suite of services that are already being utilized by clients. The AXPR token has been trading since February 2018 and has seen an ATH (all-time high) of $0.08. The current trading range is between $0.009 and $0.015 and currently has a market cap of approximately $3 million.

Is That A Typo?

Yes, that is a market cap of only $3 million! This is one of the largest contributing factors in selecting AXPR as a potential altcoin gem. Projects that are in the vicinity of even $450 million are to a large extent still unnoticed. A move into this market-cap arena would cause a 150X appreciation in the value of AXPR. The fact that Axpire is a working product, already providing services to clients removes partial risk.

Many projects that are valued in this arena are nothing more than a suggestion. There is no real product or use case. Futhermore, nobody is actually making use of any service connected to them. They are merely hot air, offering nothing and yet expecting market validation.

That Is A Double Confirmation

So, the project has the perfect market cap needed to realize significant gains. Compound that with the fact that there is not only one service currently being provided by Axpire but a handful of services. These services are currently being utilized by clients and the team is about to roll out a new product, PayBX!

This was scheduled for third quarter release but has seen a slight delay unfortunately. I say unfortunately because no matter what the reason, it is usually always interpreted negatively by the market.

Axpire Product Suite

Axpire Expense Core is a service to simplify expense management with automation, and other features such as creating expense reports with voice-to-text, as well as OCR scanning of receipts. Also included are electronic invoices through the e-billing portal. A dashboard also offers data analytics and reporting through which performance can be monitored through various metrics.

Bilr is a time tracking and legal billing software for law firms. The software aids law firms, and attorney’s bill for their work, as well as automate repeat tasks.

Digital Shares is a trading platform for digital assets. Digital shares creates liquidity into usually illiquid assets such as real estate and art. This is an alternative source of capital funding that provides instant liquidity. This service is scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Staking & Burning

The AXPR token is currently an ERC20 token with staking benefits of 40%APY! The AXPR token is bought back with 5% of revenues and used for token burns, ultimately providing greater value for the token as business increases. Staking can be accessed via the general staking pool or via the Uniswap liquidity pool. Currently, the best exchange to purchase AXPR is KuCoin.

Underlying Bullish Factors

Recently Axpire secured a client in the form of a Top 10 global hedge fund. This is extremely bullish for the validity of the company. Axpire is currently not able to disclose the company’s name but it is still very good in terms of displaying that the products on offer are actually attracting serious companies.

Roger Ver of Bitcoin Cash is also on the advisory team, which is quite positive, as I am sure Roger turns down a number of these requests almost daily. Axpire also has a sister company known as LSG, which has worked with some real heavyweight names over the past 17 years.

Companies such as IBM, Nike, Coca-Cola, KFC, and many more. As a result, Axpire has access to additional support from LSG and in a way has a safety net in the form of additional resources.


These are just some of the factors and fundamentals that make Axpire a suitable option for significant gains in the future. I am personally building a position in this project as the price action warrants. By doing this, I protect my entry point and minimize the chances of significant loss. However, please do your own research, especially in the case of micro-caps.

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