Create Exposure To Crypto Wealth With Zero Risk

It Is Possible

Most people reading this heading would consider it to be clickbait or a flat-out lie. However, it is actually a lot more realistic, once you understand how to create this exposure. Any capital that is invested is at risk, so how do I propose to eradicate this risk? Firstly, an investor needs to take funds of an existing investment or wage.

If I approached you with the capital to invest, your funds would not be required and would ultimately remove all risk. So, we need to find a way in which we can generate income to invest without actually doing anything for it. This seems like an almost impossible task.

Easy Income Still Requires Effort

Many suggest creating content on sites such as Publish0x, or the Hive blockchain. These are great ways to earn some additional income! However, there is still effort required. You may not have to head off to a work location but you will still need to put in the time and effort to create a decent article. The effort is minimal but still present. Some may indeed argue that the risk remains then, as the capital is produced through some form of work.

So What Is The Solution?

The only remaining option is to find a way to monetize the things that you are already doing every day. In other words, to extract capital from the actions that you perform daily. Everybody walks, what if you could monetize your steps? Everybody makes use of search engines every day. What if you could monetize your searches?

We will look at downloading apps and services that will pay you in Crypto, as you go about your day. What needs to be understood is that this a strategy to gain risky exposure, minus the risk. A way to increase the original investment substantially without personal investment.

Keep This In Mind

This is not a traditional hodl approach, although one could utilize the same principle and allocate funds to BTC and other alts. However, considering that the dollar amount being earned is not that high, the gains will not be capable of generating wealth. Over time they would most likely become valuable BTC holdings, but not significant.

I guess it is up to each individual. Do you want to take a bit of a risk, considering it is not really your capital at risk? Or do you want to use these methods to build a modest BTC stack over time?

The Strategy Simplified

The objective here is to use the Crypto earned from these apps to purchase high-risk mico-cap alts that display promise. This is probably the most difficult part of the strategy. It is quite difficult to identify a star before it actually shines. The main reason for applying this strategy to this income source is the fact that the risk is removed. So, effectively we are removing the risk from the riskiest investment approach in the Crypto space.

The Longer-Term View

When it comes to investing in micro-caps, the time frame required is often 2 years or longer. The reason for this is that smaller, unrecognized projects need time for the market to acknowledge them. This is actually a good thing, as it gives a decent window of opportunity. By choosing a handful of potential projects, investors can begin allocating funds in order to begin building positions.

Apps to Utilize

Presearch is a decentralized search engine that pays users for the searches they conduct. In this article, I explained the earning model and made the case that it could be utilized to create BTC holdings. In this instance, it can generate meaningful value over time, as mentioned earlier.

Another app is sMiles, which pays users for the steps they take. Users will need to open the app daily in order for steps to qualify for compensation. Use the code “PrintBTC783” in order to download the app.

Hi Dollar is another application that operates via Whatsapp or Telegram, which pays users 1 Hi Dollar every day. This one will however take about 10 seconds of your time but you can’t really count that as time or work.

Possible Daily Earnings

At the current valuations, the approximate daily income is $2, which is $60 per month and $720 per year. Unfortunately, earnings generated on Hi are only unlocked after a 12 month period, at which point they can be sold and used to purchase alts. The value of these tokens obviously changes significantly from time to time due to the nature of the Crypto market.

Even if you are able to only withdraw your earnings once a year, you can research and distribute your free capital to projects that you have identified through extensive research. Repeat the process every year and revisit.

That’s Too Long

If that seems too long or extremely unattractive then chances are that investment is not your thing. Investments generally take years, even decades to become meaningful. Remove the fact that this investment idea does not require your time or capital, should make it appealing to a person with an investor mindset. This freely accumulated Crypto would approximately be worth $1500 after 2 years of effortless accumulation. This is at current valuations, considering that this can increase or decrease.

Put that into coins that perform a 350X return and you have half a million dollars. Before you say that is impossible, let me give you some real-life examples. I purchased UBT at the end of 2019 at $0.01. UBT recently peaked at $4.22, which is a 422X. I purchased Solana early on in 2020 at approximately $0.26. Solana peaked last month at $213.00, producing an effective return of approximately 820X. This is more than double the returns I am using as an example. Read more about these trades here.

Tomorrow Is Dictated By The Disciplines Of Today

You could always accelerate this by utilizing funds that were generated by minimal effort, that you are willing to write off. There is however one hurdle, you have to select the correct coins. This can be made easier via research and considering the picks of investors who have made accurate calls previously. Once you have amassed a meaningful amount, that capital can in turn be put to work in other investment strategies.

However you approach this investment idea, or not, ensure that you have performed your own due diligence. All the best!

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