Why The Accumulation Of BTC Is So Important

Have You Considered The Future?

Markets evolve over time but what is always important to note is how often this actually takes place. Shifts are also not instant and while you may think that other advancements in the Crypto space are likely to supersede Bitcoin, you are perhaps only considering the angle of speculation and price surges based on breakthroughs in technology. Once a market has shifted, the dominance within the shift maintains dominance after the shift. It is important to know why this actually takes place and the reason is fairly obvious once you remove the factors of what actually initiated the shift and focus on what is now maintaining the shift.

In the case of Crypto, it was motivated by decentralization, removal of barriers and just a basic revolution of how to store and move value anywhere in the world. This idea brought on early adopters, as well as developers, who collectively created the market we see today. However, what will actually sustain this market to grow and flourish into the future? In the case of BTC, the halving will continue to play a very significant role but it will have help. That assistance comes from institutional and corporate investment. Institutional money always goes for the leader and always intends to root and establish itself. This implies that institutional investment often looks to park for decades and sometimes longer.

Institutions seek long-term parking spots, which is another subconscious reason as to why Tesla’s perceived flip on BTC earlier this year seemed so off. What this in essence means is that there will be considerable investment going into BTC well into the future. Large firms and institutions will create narratives to bolster BTC. Currently there appears to be a lot of indecision regarding Bitcoin but it is not that at all. Due to the sentiment being fragile in the formative years, large players are able to manipulate markets down to accumulate, as well drive markets higher when they want to realize a little profit. The assets may change but the rules still apply.

Consistent Stacking Of Sats

As long as your BTC holdings are growing in satoshi value every month, you are on the right road. You want to see your satoshi value increase, as well as be compounded by the dollar value increase over time. This is why I spent time building and developing passive BTC mechanisms, in order to ensure that my BTC holdings would grow over time. The fact that I don’t need to invest any extra capital in order to experience this growth makes it even more rewarding. Exhausting every avenue, as well as being almost obsessed is often what it requires to really attain meaningful results.

There will be a number of alts that will perform really well over time but it will be rather difficult to choose correctly, even with a lot of research and knowledge. Furthermore, even if ETH flips Bitcoin, BTC will still maintain the standard for store of value and blue chip status.

Whether you like it or not, regulation is about to change everything. All the elements of “purity” that many feel BTC has lost will be the fate of every other alt as well. Investors need to realize that with this big attraction of investment and mainstream adoption come new rules, dynamics and centralization.

One has to soberly consider future investments and BTC remains a solid winner, no matter how things play out. These are my views and one is free to think otherwise. Just ensure that you proceed with knowledge, data and facts. All the best and remain committed to your Crypto goals!

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