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Viewpoint & Creativity

When it comes to the accumulation of Bitcoin, creativity can go along way in generating BTC. Utilizing multiple free services and ideas can accelerate your accumulation of this scarce commodity. However, you actually need to remove the mindset of earning BTC! Any coin or token that can be earned without any to little effort, has the potential of becoming a BTC holding.

These accumulation strategies can then be utilized to generate and funnel funds to your main Bitcoin stack. Moving BTC around is not that expensive these days if you make use of other chains, such as BSC or the Lightning Network.

The Ideal Alternative

As I mentioned in “The Crypto Wealthy Mindset”, trading altcoins can be very effective in building BTC holdings. If you are not actually earning BTC, then you want to accumulate in an asset that will rise exponentially over time. An asset that you can exchange for BTC at a later stage, once the token has increased significantly in value. Presearch’s PRE token fits this scenario rather well! Let’s take a look at PRE’s performance.

PRE Market Statistics

Looking to the graph pictured below, we can see that PRE has had a rather significant increase in value over the past year.

The graph displays the past 12 months and reveals that PRE rose from $0.013 to $0.30! That is a move of 2300% in under a year! This is the type of movement you are looking to predict. Let’s say that you had accumulated $200 of PRE by September 2020. At the recent all time high, your holdings would be worth $4600.

These PRE tokens could have then been sold for BTC on Kucoin or any other exchange. This would make a nice little addition to your BTC position without costing a cent. Utilizing the Presearch search engine daily earns you free PRE!

How Much Can I earn On Presearch?

That is fairly easy to answer, as the earning model is capped. Currently, the incentive structure rewards registered users with 0.10 PRE per search. The maximum paid searches for any 24 hour period is 30, which is fair and easily attainable. At current valuations, this amounts to approximately $22 per month. No additional effort required, simply perform your searches on Presearch instead of Google. Important to note is that as the token appreciates in value the reward in PRE decreases. In other words, long-term users benefit greatly!

Keyword Staking

While you are waiting for an opportune price to exchange your PRE for BTC, you can continue to earn on your existing PRE holdings. Staking PRE tokens via keywords can display your page or referral program on the front page of that particular keyword search. This can continue to earn you income, making your PRE tokens even more valuable. Token holders can also stake their PRE on Mycointainer, which pays 25% per year on PRE deposits. Mycointainer is a third party staking provider that makes staking easy and accessible for anyone and everyone.

Paid To Research

So if you are researching Crypto online, one of the best moves to make is to perform your research on Presearch. Get paid to learn about Crypto, as well as invite others to join you. Being a Crypto based project means PRE tokens have to be purchased in order for advertisers to push their website to the top of the page. More users subsequently increase competition, which ultimately pushes the price of PRE higher. This happens due to advertisers creating massive buy walls as their buy orders begin to full the order books.

An increase in demand is always great for the price of any underlying asset. A further increase in Presearch adoption will ultimately increase the price of the token, as the market cap proceeds to rise. The fact that these tokens can be attained by merely performing searches online is an opportunity I don’t think anyone should be missing out on!

One Of Many Opportunities

Presearch is not the only opportunity that you can leverage and utilize in order to accumulate free Crypto. Sapphire Crypto is consistently updating and informing readers of how to create Passive Crypto Income. So if passive or easy accumulation interests you, sign up below in order to receive updates on new and available content being published!

Crypto has birthed new ways of generating and creating money. Being knowledgeable of this space is fast becoming a prerequisite to living in the modern world. Once thought of as a money for geeks, is now very much global and becoming more mainstream as the days go by!

Feel free to check out “The Crypto Wealthy Mindset” for more ideas on how to accumulate and grow your Crypto portfolio.

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