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A Tiny Trading Adjustment That Has Enormous Implications

Often Overlooked Much of a trader’s time is spent searching for setups. This is often exercised as a primary objective, which it is. However, a great setup that is not accompanied by another very important aspect can very easily become a disastrous trade. You… Continue Reading “A Tiny Trading Adjustment That Has Enormous Implications”

Bear Markets Provide Gains Only To Snap Them Back

Why Bear Markets Are Great For Trading Trading long in a bear market is not as dangerous or crazy as it seems. It all depends on what stage of the bear market you decide to trade. What we have seen in the past month… Continue Reading “Bear Markets Provide Gains Only To Snap Them Back”

Choosing Not To Trade Is Also A Trade

Beware Of Overtrading As a trader, one has to choose opportune moments in the market. This often requires a level of patience, much like a lion lies in wait for vulnerable and unsuspecting prey. This is often where new traders make the critical mistake… Continue Reading “Choosing Not To Trade Is Also A Trade”

Trading Your Way To Wealth

You Only Have Two Options If you are an average investor with modest capital there are only really two viable paths to wealth in Crypto. Either, you do your best to identify the next 100X projects, or you trade your way to wealth. The… Continue Reading “Trading Your Way To Wealth”

It’s Time To Get Back To Trading

Busy With Investment Ideas I have not been that active in terms of actual trading for some time now. I had chosen to focus on building passive income mechanisms, research, and creating content. However, looking back on many of my predictions and trade ideas… Continue Reading “It’s Time To Get Back To Trading”