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Is Today’s Work Working For You Tomorrow?

The Essence Of Passive Income Accomplishing a goal or reaching an important stage of your investment journey can be extremely satisfying and even rewarding. Having goals to work towards is a great way to remain motivated and focused on the prize ahead. However, when… Continue Reading “Is Today’s Work Working For You Tomorrow?”

Build When Nobody Cares

The Time Is Now It’s difficult to imagine how things will look in the future. However, one thing is for sure, unless we build now, we will have nothing tomorrow. This very basic principle seems to elude many. Not only is this the best… Continue Reading “Build When Nobody Cares”

Building Something That Will Last…

An Encouraging Day When you wake up and HIVE is basically up 60% for the day you know that including the Hive ecosystem into your own economic model is a smart move. The market cap of HIVE relative to STEEM is miles ahead, considering… Continue Reading “Building Something That Will Last…”

The “Quiet Phase” Begins

Human Behavior Is Predictable The reason why technical analysis is one of the more accurate metrics is that it displays human behavior. Charts are not simply data but more specifically the data and presentation of human behavior over time. This is powerful because human… Continue Reading “The “Quiet Phase” Begins”

It’s Always Time To Build!

One Thing Is Clear Opinions and expectations continue to reveal that nobody really knows if we are actually in a bull or bear market. I think in 2018 anyone could have definitively stated that the Crypto market was in the midst of a bear… Continue Reading “It’s Always Time To Build!”

It Is No Longer About Price

Don’t Get Stuck If you are new to Crypto, you may find yourself checking CoinGecko or LunarCrush every 10 minutes, desperate for some bullish action. It makes sense, it’s exciting, right? The only thing is unless you are planning on selling, it is pretty… Continue Reading “It Is No Longer About Price”