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The Future – Crypto Networks & Private Infrastructure

The World Is Changing Quite simply, survival comes down to who is best able to adjust. Historically, any species that managed to outlive another is defined by its ability to adjust. Whether you like it or not, that is exactly the predicament that humanity… Continue Reading “The Future – Crypto Networks & Private Infrastructure”

The Current BTC Price – Opportunity Not Despondency

Working With The Market I am sure that BTC is currently causing many to become a little despondent, perhaps even unmotivated to continue. It is surprising to see how quickly faith can be lost when challenges arise. This is however how markets operate and… Continue Reading “The Current BTC Price – Opportunity Not Despondency”

Your Network Is Your Net Worth

Don’t Get The Wrong Idea Whenever people hear the term “network” they often think along the lines of a multi-level marketing scheme. This is just one instance of a network and not a very good one in my opinion. Networks are also not only… Continue Reading “Your Network Is Your Net Worth”

It’s Always Time To Build!

One Thing Is Clear Opinions and expectations continue to reveal that nobody really knows if we are actually in a bull or bear market. I think in 2018 anyone could have definitively stated that the Crypto market was in the midst of a bear… Continue Reading “It’s Always Time To Build!”