It’s Always Time To Build!

One Thing Is Clear

Opinions and expectations continue to reveal that nobody really knows if we are actually in a bull or bear market. I think in 2018 anyone could have definitively stated that the Crypto market was in the midst of a bear market and yet that is definitely not the case now. We are however experiencing altcoins performing as if they are in a bear market, while Bitcoin continues to raise doubts. Many are probably wondering why alts are suffering so badly when BTC is only down 50% from its recent all-time high. This is a dynamic that I outlined in a post just prior to the onset of the bull market. My concern was that altcoins would begin showing a lesser degree of resilience and ultimately, performance. What you need to consider as an altcoin investor right now is rather important. If alts are at these levels currently, where will they be if BTC drops 85% from the ATH?

The answer to this question could be rather scary but at the same time encourages one to build. One thing is clear right now and that is, it’s a perfect time to get busy building. In actual fact, it’s always a good time to build!

Building Beats Basic Investing

So, what am I actually implying by using the term build? Building something means creating something that will continue to serve you, or perform a service for you well into the future. Crypto enthusiasts can build passive models, audiences as content creators, or income-generating accounts such as Hive and Leofinance. There are multiple approaches to building within the Crypto economy but the end result is the same! Building ultimately produces Crypto income and the more you build, the more you stand to generate. This is a great time for getting stuck in, as prices seem to be low yet stable. Whatever is generated at these levels will increase substantially when the market makes a clear shift in the form of a strong trend reversal.

Dollar-Cost Averaging Machine

Investors always look back and wish they had done more. Being dedicated to building that will continue to generate ongoing Crypto income is one of the best things you can do for your tomorrow. Building streams of income actually produces a dollar-cost averaging machine without the risk. Investors don’t have this luxury and are Inferior to builders, who have managed to marry the concept of investment and work to create a synergy that is superior to merely investing in a project or coin.

All Possible Scenarios Are Favorable To The Builder

Yes, even a move lower is beneficial to the builder. Crypto that is generated through what you have built is ultimately free money, in that you are generating new income every day. This is the only way to beat the dip that keeps dipping. If you generate $100 per day, you will just be receiving more coins as the price edges lower. Your $100 will buy a lot more if prices drop, which basically means that you are able to leverage a downturn to your advantage. If an investor invests $5000 in a coin and the price drops, he doesn’t have much option other than to risk more capital or wait. The builder, on the other hand, can simply dollar cost average in with the $100 he is generating every day and skip the risk of having to invest more of his “own” money.

A sideways market will be even more beneficial and a bullish market, even better! Building is a far superior approach to standard investment ideology. Crypto is unique in that it has so many different opportunities simply waiting to be utilized by the inspired and dedicated Cryptoneur.

Final Thoughts

Building income streams is something that is extremely beneficial and can help propel your portfolio forward without additional risk, or at least, minimal risk. Downturns are perfect opportunities to build, making the current market a perfect time to begin accumulating via these types of constructs. The builder always benefits, eventually, making it the superior approach in my opinion.

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