Crypto – A Gift In Troubled Times

Accelerated Adjustment

I don’t think even the most bullish of us Crypto enthusiasts could have imagined what we have seen unfold in the last 2 years. It has been amazing but also very troubling. In many ways, Bitcoin and Crypto as a whole has flourished due to the chaos and unraveling of government, economies, and society as a whole. Unfortunately, this is way more likely to get worse in the coming days. Fortunately, we do have this asset class as a silver lining! However, simply having something available is very different from actually benefiting from it. There are a lot of individuals that have worked hard in this industry and have already enjoyed significant success, many even life-changing success.

There are also those who have noted the tremendous potential and even spoken about it on numerous occasions and yet made no real effort to actually build something that can continue to contribute to their lives and the lives of their families.

More Than A Foot In The Door

As the craziness accelerates, so will the case for sound and hard money like Bitcoin. This is when you already want to have more than your foot in the door. You want to be well immersed, involved, and exposed to this rocketing sector. Once a technology advances to a point, there is no turning back. It would literally be considered unthinkable. We are already past that point! I would go as far as to say that anyone not exposed to Crypto in some way now is basically gambling with their future. That might sound a bit excessive but not in light of what we have already witnessed since 2020! This is not financial advice but simply my perspective and how I envision the future.

Investors Are Inferior To Builders

An investor is generally quite troubled in the face of a market sell-off as we witnessed over the past weekend. He has put his hard-earned capital to work and does not want to see it depreciate. A builder does not sit in the same boat. Sure, nobody enjoys seeing value evaporate but a builder is holding an ace up his sleeve. Builders have mechanisms, models, and even businesses that are constantly generating Crypto. While a market crash may cause the average investor to lose value, a builder is seeing new value being added, which can offset loss quite significantly.

This new Crypto income is coming in at lower levels, which in many cases also secures more satoshis, ultimately making it more valuable when prices appreciate.

This Is The Boat You Want To Be In

It makes perfect sense that this would be first prize. This is the best position to be in! This is made possible by Passive Crypto Income, which initially requires a lot of work. Most passive income streams require initial effort and time to build up. Yes, some avoid this step due to already having significant capital that can be put to work but they are a minority. The opportunities available in the Crypto space make this opportunity available to pretty much anyone. If you haven’t started building some type of economic construct then there is never a better time than now!

Make the most of the opportunity, especially while the prices are under pressure and at significantly lower levels. As I mentioned in “For The Love Of The Bear Market”, bearish trends are perfect for builders. It’s like building a house while the building materials are cheap. You don’t want to build a house when the price of materials is going through the roof.

Thanks for the visit, all the best on your Crypto journey! Check out “The Crypto Wealthy Mindset” for some ideas on creating and generating various forms of Crypto income.

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