Where I See Quality In This Market

Discerning Without Action Is Futile

In 2018 I was still a business owner and customers that entered my store often received the Bitcoin punt from me. In 2018 the price of BTC was in an excellent accumulation zone and even though I was so bullish, people were mostly laughing at me. I however understood what was busy playing out in my own country’s economy. To me, BTC at $3K was an absolute steal. You need to remember that there was no covid at this stage and even still there was a bullish case to be made for Bitcoin. Now that BTC is in a completely different price bracket, these same people say that it was obvious that this would be the outcome.

If that was the case, why were they laughing at me and not buying Bitcoin? Knowing something without acting on it is a fool’s wisdom, which is in essence useless. To be honest, I don’t even think they knew it but rather it was just a response to cover the shame of ignorance.

Identify & Act

If you truly see value somewhere then you need to create ways to capture that value and harness it for yourself. This has always been the idea behind creating Passive Income Mechanisms and is why I am so passionate about it. My readers know that I began building passive mechanisms to generate free BTC because I wanted to accumulate a quality asset indefinitely over time without using my own capital. There are a number of these that I have printing free BTC on a daily and even minute-by-minute basis. There are however other projects that for me, offer long-term value. That is why I began building mechanisms in order to capture this additional value.

So What Are These Projects?

Due to the fact that I picked up Solana early in 2020 for approximately $0.26, it was a no-brainer that continued “free accumulation” of this asset would be an obvious move. Along with Solana mechanisms are some for ETH, BNB, and a few others. Outside of mechanisms, there is an avenue that I consider a very powerful and important approach to accumulating quality tokens. Although it does not necessarily require capital allocation, it does require time and effort. This is the accumulation of HIVE and Hive-based tokens.

Creating Content On The Hive Ecosystem

I have an old Steemit account from back in 2017 but chose to create an entirely new account for this adventure. More than a year ago I began accumulating Hive-based tokens through blogging on Hive, mostly via Leofinance. I post fairly consistently, as I believe in the long-term prospects of this particular ecosystem.

As I have mentioned before, many platforms will reward you in Crypto but none of them have the upper hand that Hive offers. There are many coins and tokens that I invest in but these particular projects or coins offer tremendous long-term gains in my opinion. That is why I set up accumulation mechanisms, or alternatively, set out to earn them.

If you truly believe that a project offers value, then you need to be accumulating it one way or the other. Evaluate your views and begin accumulating, if you haven’t already begun. Taking action is the only way you get to look back one day and smile.

Check out “Hive – The Communal Road To Independence” for more information on the Hive Ecosystem.

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