The Future – Crypto Networks & Private Infrastructure

The World Is Changing

Quite simply, survival comes down to who is best able to adjust. Historically, any species that managed to outlive another is defined by its ability to adjust. Whether you like it or not, that is exactly the predicament that humanity now finds itself in. The world is changing fast and those unwilling to adjust will ultimately pay the price later on down the line. To This group, Crypto is just another industry gaining traction and experiencing a boom. They believe that the hype will dissipate and that Crypto will simply be another fairly successful component of the broader economy. The fatal misinterpretation in this viewpoint is that it excludes the shift, which will ultimately cause all business models to gravitate towards a Crypto and blockchain-based expression and operation.

Everyone Can Be A Builder

In the world of traditional finance, employment, and business there are a number of barriers that exclude the majority. The new economy that is busy forming is based on participation, incentivization, and creation. What this in essence means is that anyone can begin contributing and building within this new construct. Those who have identified this shift are busy at work, building for tomorrow. Once the majority catch on and traditional methods of operating begin to be seen as inferior and outdated, the growth will begin. This growth will ultimately reward the early builders. Crypto enables one to build in multiple and unique ways. It levels the playing field, creating opportunities for those who are prepared to dedicate themselves.

Price Is Irrelevant

For these participants, price is inconsequential and is actually more favorable when suppressed. When you are looking at what something will create or generate in the future you are not concerned by current price action or FUD. Builders realize that though the path appears long, the window of opportunity is actually closing fast. This is the heart and perception of a “visionary”. At the moment opportunity is lost due to a lack of visionaries. They do however exist and are busy laying their foundations. It is these individuals that will go on to enjoy extracting value from an unprecedented wealth transfer.

As it shifts, their mechanisms will be in place to “catch” the flow. This is the idea that I have been trying to convey over the past number of years. Crypto-based passive income models are key constructs that will enable and create monumental wealth. When no work or effort is required and your wallet is constantly receiving assets that are appreciating, something very powerful begins to unfold.

New Networks

Networks no longer have to be performance-based individuals connected to a company. Networks can be nodes, DeFi smart contracts, and a multitude of other “expressions”. Accumulation of income-generating assets is foundational in my own strategic approach. Stacking these assets while they are reasonably unknown or of an insignificant market cap is definitely the first prize. At the end of the day, making the right moves now has a level of opportunity that very few are actually able to comprehend.

Final Thoughts

Build your network, build your foundation and ensure that you have what is required to truly benefit when this economy is firmly in place. This will take years but when you actually consider what has transpired in 2021 and 2022 it can actually happen very unexpectedly. Make sure you are ready!

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