Consistency – The Currency Of Success

Isolated Efforts Are Powerless

Whether it’s creating content, trading, or even investing, consistency is at the heart of any meaningful success. Take a look at any successful YouTuber or content creator and you will be able to confirm what I am saying. Their success is not random or by accident. Viewers and readers return because of this very fact. Obviously, the content also needs to be of a certain caliber. However, even great content without consistency won’t have much of an impact. Consistency is key and without it, results are shallow and lack greatness. Isolated events and efforts are unable to render meaningful results. This is why so many become despondent and fade away. This is easy to observe and monitor when it comes to content creators. Simply check how often they post, as well as the impact their content generates and you will be able to gain a fairly accurate assessment of their work and success.

It Still Applies To All

Even though content creators are more transparent and easy to monitor due to the nature of their work, they are not alone. There are others who follow the same principles in other sectors which are somewhat more private. The trader who is not consistently checking graphs, on-chain data, and other metrics will also miss out on great opportunities. Good old “Murphy” has a way of showing up on the day you decide to skip a “daily discipline”. So, regardless of whatever aspect of Crypto you may be involved in, consistency is the name of the game. This discipline is imperative in order to attain significant and lasting success.

What Is Considered Consistent?

This is an interesting question and one which actually has no definitive answer. The reason for this is that each person creates their own consistency via their own personal frequency. There are bloggers out there that post a weekly blog post, while others may choose to post daily, or even multiple times a day. Readers will subconsciously become familiar with the level of consistency you create. A trader who trades primarily utilizing the daily or 4 hourly chart does not need to be checking charts as frequently as a day trader who primarily makes use of the 5-minute or 15-minute chart. Depending on your sector and personal ambition, your frequency will ultimately create your own unique consistency. By maintaining this level of consistency you ultimately begin to gain traction and efficiency.

Consistency Must Become A Habit

Like any other habit or exercise, your daily routine needs to become a habit, a way of life. Laser focus compounded by habitual consistency is a very powerful dynamic. This combination is probably one of the most synergistic forces in business and will in most cases result in measurable success. This is where I see many failing. They are extremely passionate for short periods of time and then begin to wander off into a distracted level of consciousness. One needs to remain committed and engaged in order to maintain a consistency that begins to take on a life of its own.

Final Thoughts

This level of interaction and commitment has a way of bringing out your best. Consistency makes a demand on your abilities and skills in a way that a random burst of dedication never can. I know of many that have been numbed into that “distracted level of consciousness”. The price action was simply not exciting enough. Unfortunately, that’s how it works. Once again, it will be these individuals who are envious and even jealous of those who continued regardless and proceed to reap the rewards in the next parabolic move. What separates these two groups? Quite simply, consistency!

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