Ember Fund – Portfolio Construction & Hedging Strategies

What Does Ember Fund Have To Offer?

In essence, Ember Fund actually creates your portfolio for you and then charges you 2.5% to 3% per year as a “management fee”. This enables investors to have access to and be invested in their portfolio constructs. In many ways, Ember Fund actually provides a type of ETF in that there are various products available that hold a basket of coins in a similar way to an ETF. Many are only familiar with the term ETF (exchange-traded fund) since rumors of a Bitcoin ETF were sparked in 2018. Investors have made use of ETFs in order to gain access to an entire sector. For instance, the TOP 40 ETF will hold the top 40 listed companies on a traditional stock market. The investor now has access to these companies through the acquisition of a single product or purchase. The weightings are not all equal and depending on the risk profile of the investment vehicle will vary greatly.

Ember Fund Crypto Constructs

So, in a similar way, Ember Fund creates portfolios for different sectors and risk profiles. Let’s take a look at one of these investment products. The Metaverse Index holds 16 assets and has secured a return of 41.9% since its inception, at the time of writing.

The Metaverse Index (MVI) is designed to capture the trend ofentertainment, sports and business shifting to take place invirtual environments. It is composed of the top 16 Metaverseprojects including: Illuvium, Axie Infinity, Sandbox, Decentraland (MANA), Enjin, Rally, WAXE, Audius, Yield GuildGames and more. These allocations are weighted by marketcap and rebalanced monthly.

This is a great way to gain exposure to the Metaverse without risking too much. Historically ETFs offset risk because heavy losses by single assets are neutralized by heavy gains of other single assets. These investment products generally do very well long-term and simultaneously reduce the risks involved with investing. Bearing in mind that you can only reduce risk and never completely irradicate it.

Who Can Benefit From Such A Product?

This type of investment vehicle is perfect for new investors and even investors wanting exposure to an entire sector but don’t want to be holding, watching, and managing multiple investments. Other products such as Ember DeFi and Bitcoin Defense are also great-looking products. The Bitcoin Defense looks to exit long positions in downward trends and has secured a return of 795% since inception, at the time of writing.

A Great Incentive

Those familiar with Ember Fund are most likely aware of the free BTC that users can “mine” on a daily basis. This has been in effect for a number of months and there are numerous YouTube videos of users withdrawing their free BTC. This appears to be a feature that they will continue but the reward is likely to drop over time. Currently, users need only to activate the mining feature once every 24 hours in order to passively earn 2.5 sats per hour. This can be increased by inviting other users, each active “miner” will earn the referrer an additional 2.5 sats per hour. Investing in an investment product will also secure an additional 5 sats per hour.

Image Source – Emberfund.io

One could possibly use this as a way to invest in one of Ember Fund’s investment Portfolios. Some only require a minimum investment of $5 while others require a minimum of $500.

Final Thoughts

There are many “opportunities” in the Cryptoverse and doing your own research is absolutely imperative. This is not an endorsement of Ember Fund but purely informational. My viewpoint is that risk is ultimately removed if you utilize opportunities that do not require investment. StormGain is another free mining app that I explored and was able to withdraw my profits from trades executed with my freely mined Bitcoin. Please do your own due diligence and stay safe. Until next time!

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