You Don’t Require Significant Capital To Become Crypto Wealthy

A Wild Fire

It has been said that the stock market and trading as a whole is the final opportunity that enables a person with modest capital to become increasingly wealthy. This idea becomes even more powerful when you factor in the growth potential that exists within the Crypto market. What counts in Crypto is a well-structured intelligence. Money doesn’t mean too much. Many successful Cryptoneurs began their journey with minimal capital. However, many wealthy individuals thought that their money would secure their success and were strangely surprised when the market simply chose to eat them alive.

The Path To Increase

Significant monetary gains are achieved by strategic “movement”. It’s that simple! A million dollars invested in a project that will proceed to dump to the valuation of a roll of toilet paper has no power to create wealth. Not only is it impotent but simultaneously worthless. In this world, intelligence is the ultimate asset to possess. Knowing how to generate wealth is way more powerful than simply being wealthy. Those born into wealth are unable to comprehend this statement. However, were calamity to strike and destroy their inherited wealth, it would soon hit home. At this moment the once-wealthy man is seen for what he truly possesses, nothing.

The Flipside

You can identify the flip side of this truth in the lives of many. There are many who became wealthy and were later hit by tragedy. The difference however is that they rebuilt their wealth from a position of nothingness. These are those who understand and possess the ability to create wealth. An asset way more powerful than wealth itself.

Planning Your Movements

This is where knowledge and intelligence enter the picture. There are no guarantees but simply knowledgeable and educated predictions. This is also where someone of modest capital can outperform the millionaire. This is also where a faucet user can generate significant capital. Unfortunately, many miss this opportunity by focusing on the wrong aspects. They look at the dollar value of what they hold and consider it worthless. Directing capital to the appropriate places can see it multiplied exponentially. Doing your best to identify a great project that is still in its early stages is all that is required. This can be somewhat of a challenge, especially as there is no specific time frame. The market may realize its value next month or next year, nobody knows.

The Rule Of 10

I personally look to allocate 10% of my portfolio to risk capital, or in Crypto terms, altcoin hunting! This is where you will find the 100X and higher returns. Many outside of the Crypto realm often think 100% as they are not familiar with these types of returns. For those who may be unfamiliar with the terminology, 100X is equivalent to 10K percent! I have a very specific way in which I go about this allocation so as to minimize short-term loss and subsequently increase allocation size. For me, this is important but not imperative. If the project is set to succeed then your gains are on the way!


Forming a disciplined investment approach is however imperative for everyone. Even small allocations that are invested on a consistent basis will later yield fruit, as long as the chosen asset is made up of the “right stuff”. As recently mentioned, consistency is at the heart of all meaningful success. Investing in Crypto blue chips is important but finding gems is equally important if you truly wish to see your portfolio experience exponential growth.

Final Thoughts

One needs to thoughtfully consider investment strategies and allocations. Many may not realize it but investing is in essence an art form and one which also requires time to hone. Allocate time to consider and map out your approach.

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