One Of The Strangest Dynamics In Crypto

It Somehow Always Returns To Price

There is always a lot going on in the Cryptoverse at any given time. Even when prices are down or suppressed the builders and developers are busy creating future opportunities. Essentially, the DeFi space was conceived during the last major bear market of 2018. Crypto winters are definitely not times of stagnation, though the price may suggest otherwise. I have mentioned a number of times that price is actually a weak indicator and often very misleading. Perceived price appreciation and where prices actually reach are seldom correct. I recently did a bit of a short study on previous Solana price predictions and was actually strangely surprised.

Even The Moonboys Undershoot

Looking across a number of different YouTubers, there appeared to be a common figure or grouping of figures. Amongst this group, there appeared to be very similar targets but there was one that really stuck out to me. The general price prediction for Solana in 2025 was approximately $50! YouTubers are generally mocked and seen as Moonboys with overinflated predictions that ultimately lure ignorant investors. However, even these guys undershot by a mile! Not only did Solana already hit $50 but it has already surpassed it by more than 500%! Solana hit $260 in November of 2021 and is currently up 100% on that 2025 prediction. The graph below clearly shows how SOL has outperformed even the most optimistic of speculators.

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The horizontal blue line is indicative of the price prediction for 2025 and with another three years to go, I guess you can only imagine what this graph may in time reflect. The green trend line is from an older post in which I predicted a breakout from the $85 range to $120 as the first target. My maximum target for the immediate short-term was $150 and we reached approximately $145 before retracing as expected. You can read the full article here if you are interested.

Hindsight Reveals Much

The moment that future predictions are made they are often seen as overly optimistic and are often heavily criticized. However, as time plays out many of these predictions fail not because they were too ambitious but quite simply, not ambitious enough! Not many involved in Crypto use the tool of hindsight effectively enough. Revisiting predictions with a scoreboard will ultimately separate the accurate voices from the noise. However, few do this and so simply follow the wrong caliber of person. Forget about charisma, followers, and even engagement. Look for a high level of accuracy. After all, it’s the only aspect that has the ability to benefit you and your life.

Final Thoughts

As strange as it may be, even the craziest of predictions will sometimes be dwarfed by reality. Try to keep an open mind and yet simultaneously be disciplined and cautious in your approaches. This is an encouragement to remember that there are still massive gains taking place, as well as on the horizon! Put in the time, do the research, and perhaps you will spot one of the next big movers!

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