3 Simple Passive Crypto Income Ideas Anyone Can Do

Removing The Barrier

A lot of people would love to earn a little bit of passive Crypto every month but usually avoid the idea due to financial constraints. What I will suggest in this article is a simple strategy that won’t make you a fortune but will however put on you the path to earning your first Passive Crypto Income! It will take an hour or so to set up and then it will continue to passively generate a couple of dollars every month without maintenance. It is important to note that while this approach will generally earn you up to $10 per month or more, it can be increased by increasing different aspects of these opportunities. I personally enjoy the idea of setting up multiple opportunities, mechanisms, and networks. Once you have built an army of passive income streams that $10 suddenly becomes hundreds of dollars and even thousands! This is what I believe everyone should be working towards but not everyone will share my passion.

I Need To Drive This Point Home

What readers need to understand is that this is not “passive income” as some use the term but rather truly passive. Many refer to blogging or creating content as passive income. Others view Play2Earn and GPT sites as a passive form of income. This is truly passive in that it will not require any additional work or effort. These applications will either monetize what you are already doing on a daily basis or simply run in the background.

Running Passive Applications

When it comes to downloading applications that you can simply set and forget, monetizing your unused bandwidth is one of the easiest ways. Many are aware of Honeygain but there are a number of other alternatives out there. I recently wrote an article on Peer2Profit, which actually has an extremely low cash-out limit of only $2 and a large variety of options to choose from. Peer2Profit claims that the average user will earn anywhere between $2 and $15 per month depending on different criteria. CryptoTab for the desktop version is another option outside of monetizing your unused bandwidth. Both simply require installation and then they will run in the background.

Walking Apps

Monetizing your daily steps is another sure way to generate passive income as you are not doing any additional activities to generate it. The average person walks 10K steps per day, which means that just by utilizing Sweat, the average user will earn $3 per month by downloading this application. Sweat is one of the most widely utilized and respected walking apps on the market. Bearing in mind that there are multiple apps out there, one can actually earn a lot more by maximizing this niche. I recently wrote an article explaining my approach to maximizing my monetary compensation for my “daily walk”. I am trying to become more healthy and so have set a daily goal of walking a minimum of 4 kilometers.

If I am to be increasing my daily activity it only makes sense to find a way to monetize it as well! We are currently experiencing a shift into an economy of incentivization and reward. One needs to constantly be on the lookout for ways to earn from daily actions and activities.

Monetized Browsers

This is an area that has been largely dominated by Brave and Presearch. There are however a lot of new options being released into the marketplace such as Decentr and others. Once again, any internet searches that you are already performing online on a daily basis can now be monetized. This is merely a case of monetizing what you are already doing and doesn’t require any additional effort. At the end of the day, Crypto enables you to monetize your life and activities. Utilizing and maximizing these opportunities is a sure way to get started in the world of “Passive Crypto Income”.

A Comparison To Passive Income

A person working for money is exchanging their time for money, while someone building a form of passive income is building something that will continue to reward them long after they have built it. To make a comparison, the worker is like someone who walks kilometers every day to a dam for water. The builder is like someone who builds a piping infrastructure to connect their home to the dam. The builder works once, while the worker works every day! The moral of the story is “work to build”.

This is a small and easy way that anyone can get started along this path. All the best on your journey and once again, thanks for the visit!

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