Making The Most Of My New Healthy Habit

Recent Health Challenges

I have always had a very busy schedule and perhaps that has played a part in the recent health issues I have been experiencing. This has encouraged me to adopt a new discipline of walking 4 to 6 kilometers every day. With all the walking apps out there I decided to find the best way to monetize this activity. After all, if I am going to be out on the road and in nature, I might as well monetize it without any additional effort. There are a lot of new Metaverse-orientated apps but they generally require users to make purchases. There are also quite a number of apps that appear to have dwindled away and are no longer active. The best options available still appear to be those that I am already quite familiar with.

A Previous Mention

An app I introduced to my readers some time back is sMiles. This app continues to pay users without any glitches or delays. What is really great about this application is that users are able to generate free BTC for the steps they take and are able to cash out within days of using the service. Withdrawal limits are usually quite high when withdrawing BTC unless the service or application is making use of FaucetPay. Due to the fact that sMiles utilize the lightning network, these barriers of inconvenience are removed. There is no processing time, or approval required. The payment is done instantly and will reflect in your lightning wallet immediately. I have previously made use of “Wallet of Satoshi” but am now using Exodus Wallet. Exodus recently added the lightning network and enables users to hold a maximum value of $1000 in a lightning wallet. The sMiles app also has other features such as cash backs and a faucet.

If I remember correctly, downloading the app does require an invitation code. If you are wanting to add sMiles to your arsenal of free passive earning apps then you can make use of the following code – (PrintBTC783). An important point to remember is that you will need to open the app once every 24 hours in order to be rewarded for your steps.

Another Popular Choice

It is strange that I couldn’t find any decent newer apps that operate in a similar way to sMiles and Sweat. Yes, as mentioned earlier, Stepn, Calo, and others look rather impressive but they all require in-app purchases. Sweat is actually on the brink of releasing its token as a true Crypto to be traded on exchanges. I am not sure if I like this idea, as the price might collapse and simultaneously reduce the earning potential. Currently, 100 Sweat is the equivalent of $1, making it a type of built-in stablecoin. A couple of great features are daily bonuses, which usually amount to 2 or 3 Sweat, as well as the daily “double points”. For 20 minutes everyday users can earn double rewards for the steps taken within the allotted timeframe. Simply start the timer when you are about to be your most active and double up your earnings. Sweat also has a really impressive UI, which also adds to its legitimacy.

Some Other Alternatives

There were a number of other apps that I managed to find but appear rather questionable. Many stopped posting on their various social media platforms in 2020, which is a massive red light for me. I have downloaded a few, largely due to the rewards being in BTC but I would rather not share them, as I highly doubt whether they are still legit. When it comes to passive apps like walking apps there is not much to lose, so I will see what becomes of them.


So, if you are looking to passively monetize your daily steps then these two apps are the most legit and trustworthy in my opinion. An added bonus is that they are free to use and will ultimately earn you some extra Crypto over time. I find these types of applications very attractive, as they require no maintenance. That is why I will always download apps like CryptoTab and others. Generating BTC without daily work 24/7 is something not to be sneezed at. Regardless of how much or little, if it’s passive it can’t be a waste of time.

Thanks for reading and if you know of any similar alternatives, please hit me up in the comments. Keep stacking that Crypto and ignore the noise!

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