Your Network Is Your Net Worth

Don’t Get The Wrong Idea

Whenever people hear the term “network” they often think along the lines of a multi-level marketing scheme. This is just one instance of a network and not a very good one in my opinion. Networks are also not only restricted to the “human element”, especially in the Crypto space. Look at Bitcoin, for instance, what began on a single laptop is now a massive network of computing mining rigs across the globe. Yes, there are people behind these operations but they are incentivized to be there. They are not merely promoting a product or idea. They are actually rewarded to be there and to be engaged in the daily operations. This is the beauty of what is currently taking place within the Crypto space. An economy is rising up that is fundamentally different from what we have known and experienced.

Economic Adjustment

This also fundamentally adjusts the idea of networks and how we build them. Networks can now actually be mining rigs running on renewables, or multiple DeFi operations across multiple networks and vaults/smart contracts. Networks can also be affiliate-based where both parties are being rewarded. Networks can even be the provision of liquidity across multiple lending platforms and asset allocation. You can now work with people or without people, or both. The idea and concept of building a network is now so much more exciting. The opportunities are almost limitless and building a “network” across as many “aspects” as possible is a wise move in my opinion.

Why It’s So Beneficial

In the traditional sense of building a network, it is often related to a core business or company. This ultimately brings about a fairly high level of risk. You stand to lose your entire network if it is connected to or affiliated with a company that either goes under or is restricted in some other way. The opportunities and scope within the Crypto space enable one to build a far more superior network model. At the end of the day, a network is established for the primary reason of securing consistency. Networks take on a life of their own and in most cases produce a form of passive income that will grow as the network expands or increases in scope.

You Are Building A Money Printer

Building a network can be equated to building a machine or mechanism that will continue to produce ongoing income. This income may vary from month to month based on a number of factors. However, over time, as the network expands it should also maintain a level of relativity in its earning capacity. Long-term investors with a “builder” mindset are often attracted to the idea of building a network that will be able to sustain their livelihoods well into the future.

The Big Difference

The work you do today will work for you tomorrow! This is the beauty of building a network as opposed to simply generating income. The passive element is one that makes a lot of sense. Whenever I look at an earning opportunity I try to find a passive angle to it even if it is not inherently passive. Whatever you do needs to have an element to it that provides some future value. This is why I am opposed to the traditional job mentality. It has nothing to do with building something for your future. The work you do never comes back to reward you again and again. It is simply an exchange of your time for money. In other words, nothing is for you! Nothing you do rewards you and your family in the future. It simply puts a plate of food on your table and a roof over your head for today. If you stop working, the benefits also stop coming.

Stop working after you have built a network and the income continues to flow. I find it hard to believe that intelligent people are willing to settle for simple “monetary exchange for time” models. It must be the false sense of security that a paycheck offers. Building a network is entrepreneurial in nature and comes with risk.

Final Thoughts

Building a network is truly building your net worth. A salary needs to be earned each and every day. Everyone should be creating some form of independent income, regardless of whether they have a job or a career. Being reliant upon a salary is not a position of strength, regardless of its size. Ask those who lost jobs when covid hit. Creating some level of independence is a start I believe everyone should be making. These are obviously my own views. To the faithful readers and subscribers, thanks for your loyalty and support. Hope to see you soon!

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