Crypto & The Brilliance Of The Incentivized Economy

The Starting Point

I think for most of us who have been involved in Crypto for a number of years, the story is quite similar. Different ways of earning and learning were instrumental in onboarding us to the Crypto lifestyle. While doing a lot of research surrounding Bitcoin in 2015, I obviously came across many ways to earn a bit of free Crypto. Even back then there were opportunities at hand that Incentivized users or visitors. Although these were mostly faucets and GPT sites, there were quite a number of them online, some still being online today. Earning platforms such as and BTC Clicks come to mind.

How Far This Idea Has Matured

Today, the opportunities are rife, as an entire Incentivized economy now exists. Play 2 Earn has become massive during the course of 2021, as to has the mining and staking of NFTs. On top of that, we have blockchain-based social media platforms and blogging platforms. Staking and lending is an older idea but is still very well utilized. These more established options encourage and incentivize holders to earn certain coins, in order to generate a passive form of Crypto income, which is definitely my most favorite form. This “Incentivized economy” is unparalleled to any opportunity that has ever been given to man in my opinion.

Internet Bubble Was One Dimensional

The rise of Crypto has often been compared to the rise of the internet age and yet somehow thought leaders have not managed to truly highlight why and how it actually supersedes this event. I am not addressing the potential growth aspect, as many do. We all know that it is actually the new financial infrastructure and that tokenization will be massive. I am addressing the ease of access and more importantly, the opportunity to own Crypto without purchasing it! The only way you benefited from the internet bubble was to actually buy stocks, or perhaps domains. The point is, you actually had to invest money. With Crypto, the incentivized economy is actually enabling people with zero money to invest, go on to benefit, and create wealth.

This is mind-blowing when you stop to think about it. We, who have been here for years, are so spoiled that we often forget what an amazing opportunity this is. So many have actually left their jobs in favor of working in this “economy”. Many, with not that much at hand, to begin with. This is truly inspiring and I am dumbfounded by those who have come to understand what is on offer and choose not to maximize their exposure to such a blessing.

You Will Regret Being Lazy

Even if this is just a side hustle for you, the opportunity is massive and if you sleep on it, you will definitely be kicking yourself down the line. Just to bring this into perspective. Since early 2020, Solana has generated a return of more than 1000X to the peak. What this means in dollar terms might surprise you if you have never taken the time to study the returns of particular coins. In this particular case, a thousand dollars invested or accumulated in early 2020 would have been worth over a million dollars at the peak earlier this year!

Obviously, you will need to be rather knowledgeable in order to identify these gems in their infancy. This is when the time you invest in this market can reward you to a degree that not many careers can. The more knowledge and experience you have, the more likely you are to make good calls. As taskmaster4450 recently mentioned, focus on your dedication and consistency and let the numbers follow. I was so encouraged to come across this post because not many have this perspective. Many chase the money, being unaware of the fact that they can actually have the money follow them.

Money Follows Diligence & Consistency

It is difficult to catch or take hold of something that seems out of reach. On the other hand, if something is chasing you, success is basically almost guaranteed. Focus on your contribution and work and let the money follow in time. This is however a process and human nature naturally resists this dynamic. Instant gratification is the underlying human desire. In order to advance, this trait needs to be brought into submission and replaced with extreme dedication. Even in Crypto, success has a number of important virtues mixed into the recipe. Even the “easy money” made on Doge in this bull cycle required holders to hold a coin that made no real headway for years.

In this particular instance, patience was the main ingredient. It appeared instant but those who truly benefited here were those holding long before the pumps began to surge. For whatever reason, they had some conviction that they remained committed to that eventually paid off.

Begin 2022 On The Right Foot

As we approach the closure of 2021 and look towards a new year with fresh hope and ambition, now is as good a time as any to fire up your commitment and dedication. Set yourself daily goals, in terms of what you accomplish, rather than what you earn. Keep building, keep producing and perhaps 2022 will be an even better year for you than 2021! Although 2021 was quite a bleak year for many, for those immersed in the Crypto space, it has been absolutely fantastic! I am speaking in financial terms and personal progress. I know that there have also been other sad and devastating events. This is part and parcel of life, even when things are generally going well.

In troubled times, the financial aspect is often the predominant aspect that is most challenging and burdensome. As Crypto enthusiasts, let’s look at building a stronghold for our family and loved ones because the potential is within our reach. It will require action, so let’s encourage one another and shift this game up a notch!

Thanks for reading and congratulations to everyone who experienced success beyond expectation in 2021!

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