The Shift Is Real – Seeking Out Crypto Incentivized Alternatives

Positioning For Tomorrow

It really is happening fast and the opportunities are beginning to expand into every sector of modern-day life. The shift from traditional legacy-based models to blockchain-based models that incorporate monetization by default is on the rise. This is all made possible by tokenization and the unique dynamics that make up the exciting world of Cryptocurrency. Becoming established in this new world of creativity and abundance is something to prioritize, lest you look back in time only to realize that you missed out. I think that many still view what is busy unfolding as an opportunity. However, it is far more than an opportunity! There is a literal shift beginning to take place that will ultimately affect how we live and function in the future. Laying the groundwork now will only serve to benefit you in the future. This is far more than simply having a Crypto portfolio. This is about establishing and setting yourself up for current and future monetization.

Incorporating As Much As Possible

I am always so excited to discover a new app or service that has built-in Crypto rewards for users. This is ultimately going to reshape business and commerce as we know it. Crypto and blockchain-based social media have played a significant role in initiating this idea. We saw this idea continue in the form of browsers such as Brave, Presearch, and Decentr. Decentralized, privacy-based browsers that also reward users in Cryptocurrency for the searches and data they generate. Different apps with different monetization methods continue to enter the market. Play2Earn continues to advance, despite the NFT market experiencing some downside. A similar dynamic occurred in the first DeFi season we experienced in 2020. Although prices were dropping the adoption was actually increasing. This was evident as the TVL continued to rise as prices continued to plummet.

Finding and incorporating as many opportunities as possible in these formative years will pay off down the line when it is no longer a “niche” market but rather common practice. It doesn’t matter which aspect you choose to examine, early adopters always win. Those who really get this concept continue building and expanding their exposure.

Further Benefits

In many cases, earning rewards is not the only perk of switching over to a blockchain-based alternative. Many of these alternative products actually offer a far superior user experience. Privacy and self custody are often standard benefits, especially within Web 3 applications. Being early enables you the privilege of being able to earn tokens prior to mass adoption. Sure, not everything will succeed but if you faithfully accumulate tokens you are likely to be holding many of those that actually do make it! Get stuck in and begin positioning yourself to truly benefit in the years to come.

Final Thoughts

As I view how quickly this market is maturing and advancing I am convinced that the window of significant opportunity is becoming smaller day by day. This only serves to motivate me, as the more I can achieve now, the more I will benefit in the future. Let’s lay that solid foundation now before the masses arrive! Your future is the outcome of the decisions you make today!

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