Bullish On Web3? Then Shouldn’t You Be Using A Web3 Browser?

The Future For Creators & Digital Interaction

Despite what Elon Musk says, Web3 is all over the web! Many of us involved in Crypto are actively involved in ecosystems such as Hive and others. Sure, a lot of what is happening and being built in regards to Web3 is still very much under the “mainstream” radar but it is still very much present. Many of the masses are now aware of DeFi, even though they might not fully comprehend what it entails, they are at least aware of the term. DeFi is in essence a practical example of early Web3 technology in action. Ownership rights and creativity are best suited for Web3, which is why many knowledgeable Crypto enthusiasts are so bullish on the future of Web3!

First Choice

This is the preferred approach for online interaction for most, as it seeks to favor privacy, true ownership, and protection from censorship. There are still some flaws that hinder this goal from becoming a successful manifestation at this point. However, the technology is still new and will most likely evolve and mature well into the future. The truth is, we probably don’t even know what that will look like yet. We are on a journey of discovery and development, which leaves much to the imagination at these early stages. Yes, Crypto has been around for more than a decade but these really are still early days.

Establishing A New System

Once systems are firmly in place and being utilized by the majority, one can argue that a particular idea or technology is now mature. At this point, there are not many significant changes but rather improvements in the form of updates. We are still to arrive at a mature version of Web3, suggesting that significant adjustments at this stage are to be expected. Not necessarily guaranteed but that is usually the order of advancement towards a complete product.

Meet Decentr

Decentr is a privacy-focused Web3 browser that incorporates a rewards system to incentivize and reward users. This is beyond the obvious drawcards of an ad blocker, VPN, and the fact that the browser is designed for the future. All activity is recorded on the blockchain and so users are rewarded not only for searches but any action that creates on-chain activity. Users earn according to their unique PDV (Personal Data Value), which essentially means that the more activity a user generates on-chain, the more they will earn.

A Closer Look

Earning is therefore not restricted to searches as is the case with Presearch. You can only earn on Presearch by performing searches and of course, the referral program. The Decentr dHub is your personalized feed with posts from those you follow. You can also visit dFeed to view all the recent activity of the people you follow.

Image Source – Decentr.net

Users can also earn DEC by publishing articles in dHub. Users can upvote and downvote articles in a similar way to Hive or Leofinance. However, this still looks very much underutilized in my opinion, and is probably in need of some decent content and a handful of users with a similar dedication seen by @taskmaster4450 in the Hive ecosystem.

Image Source – Decentr.net

Looking at the finished product makes you realize how much potential Decentr holds because it really is a great project, which has been in the workings for years now. Originally launched as a Testnet, the Mainnet was recently launched in August of 2021 and currently has 28 134 users according to stats from the Decentr blockchain explorer. Transaction costs are basically free, at 0.005 DEC, which is approximately $0.00025.

Image Source – Decentr.net

Once more people realize what a great project this actually is, I expect it to gather quite a large user base. The team has been quietly building and preparing Decentr for years now, in an effort to release the best possible product. Once Web3 advocates are aware of Decentr, I honestly don’t know how they would not immediately opt-in! You can actually use any browser within Decentr, provided some form of data is being generated on-chain, which is quite unique!


I myself have been using Decentr for a while now but am only now beginning to see how great it actually is. I look forward to exploring it further and hopefully seeing more people take advantage of what really appears to be a great product and opportunity!

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