Is Today’s Work Working For You Tomorrow?

The Essence Of Passive Income

Accomplishing a goal or reaching an important stage of your investment journey can be extremely satisfying and even rewarding. Having goals to work towards is a great way to remain motivated and focused on the prize ahead. However, when your work continues to work for you long after you have completed it, true satisfaction is realized. This is where many begin to understand and appreciate the tremendous scope and potential that exists within the dynamic of passive income.

When there is an exchange being made, limits are also imposed. As a human being, you can only work for so long, and so hard. You are only able to offer a limited number of hours each day to any endeavor, even to your career, or occupation. Passive income not only provides ongoing income without a constant exchange of your time but also escapes the imposed limitations of time and effort. This is where the beauty of passive income is most prevalent, but only to those who have dared to embark on the journey.

The majority of people will go on to work until retirement, not realizing that leveraging time and opportunity today is able to reward them tomorrow. If each day’s work goes on to work for you tomorrow, howbeit small, consider the result many years from now. Instant gratification and the desire thereof are largely responsible for so many choosing not to embark on this particular journey. This “selfish” mindset is quite ironic, in that the selfish inspiration, once matured over time is actually seen to be against, and not in favor of self.

Sacrificing For Tomorrow

Those who invest and build undeterred are the ones who later on are able to see how their actions were actually in favor of themselves. They now have an ongoing income stream that requires very little attention from them, if at all. Immediate gratification is seldom the way. The essence of passive income and the essence of sacrifice are quite similar: Being presently uncomfortable, or contributing additional effort now later goes on to produce something of value.

We can see this dynamic throughout life. The sportsman who stays on the court when everyone else goes home. The investor who restricts their spending habits, while others “enjoy life”. This is the path that later reveals reward and honor. This too is the path of passive income. However, it is even more powerful, as it is in essence the construction of “energy”. A superior athlete who sacrificed to reach a level of excellence still needs to produce and use up energy. Passive income, on the other hand, no longer needs your time or effort.

The journey can be long, and progress, sometimes slow. However, it is extremely encouraging when you continue to see income being generated month after month and year after year, long after the initial effort was made. This is an extremely powerful idea that everyone should be exploring, albeit small. Furthermore, passive income that is not spent can go on to produce even more passive income.

Final Thoughts

This is why I am so in favor of projects such as Hive, which has so many built-in passive income opportunities. The entire construct evolves around passive and residual income, and I love that! There are a number of other really solid opportunities out there, and I will be looking to rebalance my portfolio into many of them at a later stage. Passive income continues to be my primary focus within the Crypto space. I am looking forward to seeing what I will be able to achieve in the next two to three years.

I have some really high aspirations for 2025, I hope I won’t be disappointed. However, every bull market that I have experienced has always managed to outperform my expectations, so that’s at least a comfort.

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