The “Quiet Phase” Begins

Human Behavior Is Predictable

The reason why technical analysis is one of the more accurate metrics is that it displays human behavior. Charts are not simply data but more specifically the data and presentation of human behavior over time. This is powerful because human behavior never seems to change. FOMO happens every single bull cycle without fail. So does absolute fear, which often sends the most bullish of investors into an overwhelming state of panic in the belief that the market will collapse completely. We are beginning to see this at the moment. There is also a lot of misinformation in the market at the moment. Instead of approaching authoritative sources, people simply believe what pops up on their Twitter feed as definitive truth.

The Overwhelming Silence

Have you ever been on a battlefield once the battle is over? The earth itself is so silent it is almost deafening. This may sound like a contradiction but is strangely somehow true. Even though a bear market carries on for months after a bottom is established, the battle is fought for that bottom. The battle is not against the bear market but against an opposing force that seeks to take ground. Once a bottom is established the ground is secure. It is from this point that the army must now drive out the enemy troops. In Bitcoin’s case, this is where it attempts to begin edging higher. This is usually a hit-and-miss scenario that plays out over many months. Some months see BTC significantly higher, while at other times the price action ranges closer to the “bottom”.

Builders Enjoy The Silence

A Depressed market provides the opportunity for builders to really get busy. You don’t have to be a dev to build. Building positions, passive income ideas, and other projects that will benefit in the next bull market are all examples of how investors can begin building. Builders generally see better results because their “currency” exceeds the average investor, who seeks only to invest his capital. Builders invest their minds, knowledge, time, and dedication. You will be surprised at how this can sometimes be a better investment tool than capital. This is where the real growth takes place for those who are up for the challenge.

Free From Distraction

Bear markets allow you time to focus and be productive. Remember, a bear market is when and where you display your commitment. A bull market later acknowledges and rewards your efforts. So many want to arrive in the heart of a bull market expecting to “get paid”. It simply doesn’t work that way. If you are new to the Crypto space then you have arrived at a great time. Don’t waste an amazing opportunity.

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