Build When Nobody Cares

The Time Is Now

It’s difficult to imagine how things will look in the future. However, one thing is for sure, unless we build now, we will have nothing tomorrow. This very basic principle seems to elude many. Not only is this the best time to BUIDL, but it’s also the “cheapest”. Building in the Crypto space often requires the acquisition of digital assets. These assets are on sale and are likely to become even cheaper! It can be somewhat challenging to continue unabated while so many are simply losing faith. What does act as encouragement is the fact that this is nothing new. This is not only how the “story goes” in the Crypto space but in many markets. Let’s just remember this simple principle: Money is made in bear markets and realized in bull markets. It will always be this way. Think of a bull market as seasonal rains. Unless you have made preparation for some type of catchment, the rains will be of no use to you. How people simply “arrive” in a bull market and expect to “make bank” never ceases to amaze me.

The Smart Remain Undeterred

A recent post by @taskmaster4450 on Leofinance addressed the goal of attaining a $100 million ecosystem. Considering where the market is right now that may appear to be out of reach. However, instead of becoming discouraged, development and growth continue. This is the correct mindset to have. If you look at what has already taken place on Leofinance in the past year, it is quite impressive. The launch of both PolyCUB and Threads has taken place during a bearish environment. The team continues to build regardless of valuations and general market conditions. LeoGlossary has also recently been launched, which has seen @taskmaster4450 elbow deep in work. It’s great to see the projects I have selected being so proactive in a time when many simply become complacent. Hive, in general, has been a source of motivation during this bearish phase. The development has been unparalleled.

It Has To Be Done

Coming to terms with the task that lies ahead is paramount to actually getting started and remaining active. You might not be a developer, but you are still going to have to build something, one way or the other. You are going to require some sort of catchment for the future rains that are on the way. This is probably the best time to throw off procrastination and laziness. The final quarter of 2022 is likely to offer the most amazing bargains, in my opinion.

A Common Misconception

I find that many view creating passive income as some sort of investment. In other words, some sort of interest or yield-producing investment such as DeFi or staking. This is true, but not necessarily the case. There are many different ways to acquire some form of passive income, and not all require investment. Some build networks via affiliate programs. Many find ways to earn royalties through the sale of ebooks and other products. It’s simple, if you want to create passive income and don’t have excessive funds, you will find a way! This is why some continue to succeed, while others continue to complain. Choose your side. There will obviously be future bear markets. However, this one, in particular, will go down in history as being one of the greatest opportunities. Just remember, it’s not over. Many are subconsciously viewing the recent lows as the bottom, which is a little premature, in my opinion.

Final Thoughts

We are standing at the precipice of a significant revolution and shift in our economic constructs and practices. This is the time to BUIDL. We won’t get to relive this opportunity again. Time stands still for no man. Enjoy the journey and do your best to do just that little bit more each day, and you will be surprised at the progress you make! See you next time!

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