Ideas For The Next Cycle Top

Staying Ahead Of The Pack

If you wish to capitalize and take full advantage of the next cycle peak, then you have to begin formulating strategies now. Being ahead of the market will often appear as being “out of touch”. When I look at many of the comments during the time I chose to short ETH at approximately $2K, it is apparent that many thought that I did not understand what was playing out. In hindsight, it is clear that $2K was the top of the “Merge” rally. This is exactly how it always happens, so if you think that the market will reach some sort of consensus at the next market peak, you are mistaken. There will be no overwhelming majority signaling a top. It will come and go, only to be realized much later. There is no anticipation, it’s as if the market enters into a mild state of coma. Market participants continue to function but seem to be unaware of the market conditions at play.

A Slight Shift

Shifting a significant allocation to stablecoins in May of 2021 turned out to be a lifesaver for me. I intend to repeat this strategy again. However, this time HBD is going to make up a significant portion of that allocation. This will not only be a way to lock in profits but also a way to earn a very high yield. This particular move has the potential to create a fairly significant form of passive income. If you think locking in value in a typical stablecoin is a good move, then consider how great it is if you are able to earn 20% on that stablecoin. I think Hive will eventually become a significant player in the world of Web 3 and so I am looking to increase my presence and allocation. There are a number of great opportunities within the ecosystem. Unlike, HBD, DeFi projects are best attained during bear markets. It makes way more sense to accumulate HBD when prices are high, so as to lock in the value of the Crypto you are exchanging it for. On the other hand, if you are going in with fiat, It’s always a good time!

New Trading Accounts

Another idea that I am likely to implement is to realize profits in the form of USD, and then allocate them to new trading accounts. Shorting from the peak of a market is a great move to make, you can simply just sit back and amass profits while the market unwinds. These accounts will be run on modest leverage, ultimately generating profits to utilize for accumulation at the bottom. If you have a fairly good handle on the markets, and technical analysis, you should be able to predict approximate levels. Exact levels are tricky to predict, but approximate levels are not that difficult to predict, but only for those who have knowledge and experience. So few are able to predict accurate levels because they lack the former.

Traditional Investments

Depending on how the economy is looking at this point, I may opt to make small investments in more traditional avenues. As I say, one cannot surmise at this stage of the game. However, I will evaluate more closer to the time. These are such turbulent and uncertain times, that it is extremely difficult to make investment decisions before the time. It’s always good to have as many income streams as possible.


I will also be looking to strengthen and expand my current passive income mechanisms as well. This is something that can continue throughout both bull and bear markets. The generation of yield via HBD and trading will act as a good income source to further grow these existing mechanisms. It’s simple, keep building up that which is already working, and continue to build new mechanisms. At the end of the day, liquidity/cash flow is essential in the process of wealth creation.

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