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An Encouraging Day

When you wake up and HIVE is basically up 60% for the day you know that including the Hive ecosystem into your own economic model is a smart move. The market cap of HIVE relative to STEEM is miles ahead, considering that the Hive ecosystem has so much going on, it only makes sense. I am sure that this is a very encouraging day for the community at large and serves as a motivation to keep “penning away”. I also noted that HBD was trading at approximately $1.20 late last night.

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Even though this pump will most likely give way to some extent, it actually doesn’t matter. It’s a powerful sign of life that not many other projects are currently experiencing. There are a few that have done fairly well over the past seven days but you have to remember that this is a 24-hour pump! Very impressive, indeed!

A Strong Suggestion

For at least a year now, I have been outspoken on other Crypto-based social media platforms regarding Hive and the endless opportunities within the ecosystem. I always look for situations and trades that offer the best odds and in relation to content creation and blogging, that definitely has to be Hive! Sure, the future is unknown but that applies to absolutely everything in life. Right here, right now, Hive is presenting a really great opportunity. For those who continue to work away and contribute to this blockchain, I don’t see how there will not be some type of meaningful reward in years to come. I have a rather long-term goal when it comes to Hive and only expect to see meaningful results in two to three years’ time.

Acceptable Challenge

I have built legacy businesses from scratch and repaired businesses that were on their last leg. I know what it takes to build and rebuild. A three-year timeframe is something far too long for most but then many who think that way have no prior experience in the world. The Crypto space is flooded with “young money”, which is great but encourages the illusion that Crypto is easy money. There is no easy money anywhere. I have seen how Crypto has laughed in the face of those trying to “get rich quick”. Although there are many cases of significant returns, those cases required research, risk, capital allocation, and time. That’s not necessarily easy. Like with everything in life, there are tales of “lucky breaks”, but that’s not the majority.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to those who have made my experience on Hive that much more enjoyable. I appreciate the interaction, even if we sometimes disagree. As mature individuals, we should be able to respectfully disagree from time to time because we are exactly that, individuals. Onward and upward, and all the best to the like-minded readers reading this post. Thanks for the visit!

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