Trading Remains A Solid Approach For The Current Market

Strong Movements Significant moves are what generate significant returns. Even though leverage can produce a similar outcome, it doesn’t come without significant risk. These risks are obviously amplified among the less experienced. However, a good move (either way) can provide really attractive returns. Some… Continue Reading “Trading Remains A Solid Approach For The Current Market”

How You Can Bring The Power Of Synergy To Your Investments

Knowledge Creates Power Many investors desire to speed up their journey to wealth. This often results in failure and even utter destruction. This is also at the heart of the FTX failure. Had SBF chosen to grow the business he had, as opposed to… Continue Reading “How You Can Bring The Power Of Synergy To Your Investments”

Another Very Important Bear Market Lesson

The Learning Never Ends If you endeavor to continue learning and growing, you have to realize that your current understanding is limited. It may well be extremely thorough and in-depth but that definitely doesn’t imply that it is complete. I don’t actually believe in… Continue Reading “Another Very Important Bear Market Lesson”

Incorporating Strategy, Pace & Discipline

The New Year Is Almost Upon Us Well, it’s been a crazy year. We have seen and experienced so many financial disasters. Unfortunately, these events were outside of our control. Exercising good risk management and diversification is the only way you escaped the carnage.… Continue Reading “Incorporating Strategy, Pace & Discipline”

Necessity – The Mother Of Invention

Will The Bear Market Defeat You? A lot of new investors underestimate the mental and emotional strength required to take part in financial markets. When optimism and valuation begin to diminish, many investors choose the path being suggested to them, rather than choosing to… Continue Reading “Necessity – The Mother Of Invention”

New Trading Strategy – Update #2

I Continue To Short Regular readers will be aware of a new trading strategy that I recently developed, which operates on 10X leverage. I began testing it exactly two weeks ago and have since then seen a relatively decent return. Fortunately, I was once… Continue Reading “New Trading Strategy – Update #2”

Raising The Bar – Markets Collapse A Lot Faster Than They Rise

Long By Default I can almost guarantee you that more than 90% of Crypto enthusiasts only think in one direction when it comes to the market. Due to logical thought processes, market participants only envision profits being generated by the price of an asset… Continue Reading “Raising The Bar – Markets Collapse A Lot Faster Than They Rise”

Trading Strategy Adjustment – Is This Going To Work?

Trading Styles One of the most important aspects of successful trading is to first identify what type of trader you are. This will obviously require some experimentation. Identifying where you experience the highest level of accuracy is one of the key deciding points. Some… Continue Reading “Trading Strategy Adjustment – Is This Going To Work?”

Understanding Leverage – There Is No Substitute For Hard Work

The Leverage Dynamic Aagh… leverage, the wonderful tool that works so well when you are in sync with the market, and so destructively, when you are not. This is the reality that will so often be disguised by greed and selfish ambition. Working with… Continue Reading “Understanding Leverage – There Is No Substitute For Hard Work”