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The “Buying The Dip” Strategy Will Soon Return

Utilizing The Correct Strategy Looking back to 2020 and my article entitled, “This Is Not 2018 – It’s Time To Buy The Dip!” reveals how buying the dip in a bull market is a very smart move. However, the opposite is true of bear… Continue Reading “The “Buying The Dip” Strategy Will Soon Return”

Gaining A Better Perspective Of This Current Market

Multiple Indicators I use technical analysis quite a lot, as well as fundamentals, and emotional intelligence to try and navigate my way through this market. I believe that due to recent events the market has shifted to a more emotionally interpreted perspective. This has… Continue Reading “Gaining A Better Perspective Of This Current Market”

Bitcoin – It’s All Going According To Plan

A Very Difficult Exercise Trying to predict markets is often considered a fool’s errand. However, this is exactly how market participants generate profits and make money in financial markets. You may not realize it but every time you purchase a Crypto asset you are… Continue Reading “Bitcoin – It’s All Going According To Plan”

Behind The Hype & Distraction

Both Stifle Growth Whether you are being taken to a state of euphoria or driven to a place of despair, both have a similar effect. The recent hype of Bitcoin 2022, as well as the current “compressed” state of the market both have similar… Continue Reading “Behind The Hype & Distraction”

Trading Is Not An Ideal Income Model

Why Are You In Crypto? If people were, to be honest, the main objective is to make money. However, the motivation or reason behind this agenda is actually rather important. If you are employed full-time and are looking to further cushion your nest egg,… Continue Reading “Trading Is Not An Ideal Income Model”

Crypto Investing – Sticking To The Plan

Detours Are Always An Option Whether you are a developer of an up-and-coming Crypto project, or simply on a road trip, detours are always tempting. When the road becomes a bit rough, it is sometimes easier to choose an alternative path. The same is… Continue Reading “Crypto Investing – Sticking To The Plan”

A Simple Yet Efficient Strategy For Top Altcoins

Not All Alts Respond The Same The understanding that Altcoins suffer significant losses when Bitcoin trends down is a widely understood concept and yet there are varying degrees of damage. There are different reasons as to why a particular altcoin may experience more severe… Continue Reading “A Simple Yet Efficient Strategy For Top Altcoins”