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The Tokenization Of Real-World Assets & A Blockchain To Empower It

Not A New Idea The idea of tokenization has been around for some time and began to garner serious attention back in 2016 and 2017. However, the bear market that followed put an incredible damper on the idea, especially since it was a bear… Continue Reading “The Tokenization Of Real-World Assets & A Blockchain To Empower It”

3 Low-Cap Altcoins I Am Quietly Stacking

Unique Use Cases & Motivations Having a single qualifying factor when it comes to investing is an approach that I don’t tend to entertain. For instance, some will invest in a project because it appears to be undervalued. Others will choose a project that… Continue Reading “3 Low-Cap Altcoins I Am Quietly Stacking”

Remint Network – Traditional Real Estate & The Metaverse Merge

Crypto & Real Estate Fusion Over the past couple of years, we have seen how projects such as RealT and others have chosen to incorporate blockchain technology into their business models. Tokenization is a very powerful idea and when you look at the concept… Continue Reading “Remint Network – Traditional Real Estate & The Metaverse Merge”

Crypto Investing – Sticking To The Plan

Detours Are Always An Option Whether you are a developer of an up-and-coming Crypto project, or simply on a road trip, detours are always tempting. When the road becomes a bit rough, it is sometimes easier to choose an alternative path. The same is… Continue Reading “Crypto Investing – Sticking To The Plan”

Reflections & Current Thoughts On DeFi

DeFi Season Kicks Off In 2020 we had the initial DeFi craze that saw many small and unknown projects taking off by simply leveraging the term “DeFi”. If a project was said to offer some type of DeFi service, it was automatically sent to… Continue Reading “Reflections & Current Thoughts On DeFi”

One Micro-Cap I Am Resuming Accumulation Of Now!

Previous Performer In October of 2021, I put out a personal altcoin pic to my subscribers that I was expecting a run on. Not only was this pick an altcoin but also a micro-cap! In the article, “Axpire – Is This Project About To… Continue Reading “One Micro-Cap I Am Resuming Accumulation Of Now!”

Avoiding Calamity In A Bear Market

The Bear Market Appears To Be On The Way Some may actually say that the bear market is already in full swing and I would tend to agree, now that the $38K level has been breached. This has been the level that I have… Continue Reading “Avoiding Calamity In A Bear Market”