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Web 3 – Ownership Defined

What We Have Seen Ever since Steemit launched back in 2016 we have had a taste of what it means to have an “account” that we actually own. An account that exists on the blockchain and is in essence, held privately. This was later… Continue Reading “Web 3 – Ownership Defined”

A Simple Trick To Protect Yourself In The DeFi Space

More Victims I continue to see more and more people falling prey to phishing attacks after they click on phishing links and connect their wallets to unknown platforms and websites. I initially put off writing this article because I thought it was a little… Continue Reading “A Simple Trick To Protect Yourself In The DeFi Space”

A New Chapter For BlockFi

Some Clarity For BlockFi Both BlockFi and Celsius were recently on the receiving end of a regulatory power move. I have not heard much of what has transpired on the Celsius front. However, BlockFi has managed to come to a settlement amount of $100… Continue Reading “A New Chapter For BlockFi”