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Hotbit – Another CEX To Cease Operations

Altcoin Hunters Of 2020 If you were an altcoin investor during 2019 and 2020 then you were most likely quite familiar with Hotbit. Prior to KuCoin, Hotbit was one of the few CEXs one could find up-and-coming altcoin projects. Not only that, but Hotbit… Continue Reading “Hotbit – Another CEX To Cease Operations”

FLEX Rockets By 50X During The First Quarter Of 2023

Bucking The Trend DeFi-based projects often tend to suffer rather significant losses during bear markets, and even during the formative stages of a new bull market. It’s a sector that appears to insist on a solid bottom formation before it considers embarking on its… Continue Reading “FLEX Rockets By 50X During The First Quarter Of 2023”

A Wage Is Earned… Wealth Is Created…

The Limitations Of Human Effort No matter who you are working for, you are going to face two very real obstacles to generating wealth. Firstly, a human limitation as to how many hours you are able to work, and secondly, a limitation as to… Continue Reading “A Wage Is Earned… Wealth Is Created…”

Crypto Dynamics You Can’t Escape

Guaranteed Outcomes Create Great Odds Operating within the realm of possibilities and even better, probabilities does provide a level of predictability. Crypto has a number of repetitive behaviors. I am not going to address the halving or typical market retracements. I will however focus… Continue Reading “Crypto Dynamics You Can’t Escape”