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Hotbit – Another CEX To Cease Operations

Altcoin Hunters Of 2020 If you were an altcoin investor during 2019 and 2020 then you were most likely quite familiar with Hotbit. Prior to KuCoin, Hotbit was one of the few CEXs one could find up-and-coming altcoin projects. Not only that, but Hotbit… Continue Reading “Hotbit – Another CEX To Cease Operations”

Overcoming The Hurdles Of Crypto On-Ramps

A Growing Concern As regulatory pressure continues to mount, it is becoming increasingly obvious that Crypto on-ramps are a concern to both the FED and regulators. Resistance is often a deterrent for many, so, make something difficult enough and activity is likely to decline.… Continue Reading “Overcoming The Hurdles Of Crypto On-Ramps”

Great Trading Gains – Worth The Risk?

If You Still Trust CEXs It might be difficult for some to entrust their funds to a centralized exchange again after all the recent drama. However, if you know the risks involved and are willing to take them then there is an abundance of… Continue Reading “Great Trading Gains – Worth The Risk?”

CEXs Will Soon Offer A Significant Opportunity

History Repeats Well, it’s happening again, as the bear market continues to unfold centralized exchanges continue to take a massive knock. Apart from FTX and Binance, pretty much every other exchange is laying off staff and cutting back wherever possible. Approximately a month ago… Continue Reading “CEXs Will Soon Offer A Significant Opportunity”

DEXs Losing Supremacy As Regulation Tightens

The Trend Continues Utilizing DEXs in 2021 as opposed to centralized exchanges became the default choice of traders and Crypto enthusiasts. Due to countless hacks, users felt safer not having to entrust their coins to a third party. This trend has in many ways… Continue Reading “DEXs Losing Supremacy As Regulation Tightens”

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