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Time To Begin Taking Presearch A Bit More Seriously Again?

The Negative Side To A Bull Market If you have been making use of Presearch over the years, you would have noticed something in relation to the search reward. As the price of the PRE token appreciates the value of the search reward depreciates.… Continue Reading “Time To Begin Taking Presearch A Bit More Seriously Again?”

Torum – My XTM Strategy

From Darling To Deplorable Torum launched in early 2020 but only managed to garner attention once its XTM token went live on Uniswap in 2021. The token went on to appreciate even further alongside listings on Kucoin and Huobi. From a modest $0.05 per… Continue Reading “Torum – My XTM Strategy”

Crypto Is Busy Reshaping Every Other Industry

Gone Are The Days There was once the narrative that Bitcoin and Crypto as a whole would fail and slowly sink into the ocean of nothingness. That narrative began to change in 2020 when disaster and calamity hit in the form of covid. Since… Continue Reading “Crypto Is Busy Reshaping Every Other Industry”