Time To Begin Taking Presearch A Bit More Seriously Again?

The Negative Side To A Bull Market

If you have been making use of Presearch over the years, you would have noticed something in relation to the search reward. As the price of the PRE token appreciates the value of the search reward depreciates. This became very apparent in 2021 when the PRE token began to skyrocket and probably left many users somewhat disappointed. The reason being is that the minimum withdrawal for PRE from your Presearch wallet is 1000 tokens. If the amount of PRE being earned per search drops, it becomes a lot more difficult to reach that withdrawal limit. However, it is also encouraging to see the valuation of your tokens appreciating on an almost daily basis. It’s a typical catch-twenty-two scenario.

The Current Reward Rate

If you are committed to the project and believe in the long-term price performance of PRE then the current reward rate should be rather appealing to you. Yes, the value of the token has dropped but that has enabled users to earn more PRE on a daily basis. With the current reward sitting at 0.10 PRE at the time of writing, users are able to generate 3 PRE per day. That’s almost 100 PRE per month and when you multiply that by the PRE “highs” it begins to look a lot more attractive.

Bear Markets Provide Value

The blessing of a bear market is that buyers and earners can accumulate future value with little effort or capital. Making use of Presearch on a daily basis is not really an effort, it’s a necessity. How many times a day do you Google something on your phone? Presearch affords you the opportunity of monetizing those searches. These are exactly the opportunities one should be looking to maximize, especially in a bear market. Users earn more tokens and are able to stockpile them and then offload them at a later stage for a healthy profit.

The Correct Mindset

This is how you utilize and leverage bear markets to your advantage. There are so many opportunities, approaches, and strategies to make the most out of these times. Presearch is definitely one of them that simply requires switching your choice of search engines. I am hoping to stack up a fair amount of PRE over the next two years or so and then cash out in 2025 or 2026. Depending on how many I am able to accumulate, I may decide to hold a portion back for keyword staking.

When you consider that the peak for PRE in 2021 was approximately $0.45, it is quite acceptable to expect at least $2 in 2026. In actual fact, that is a very modest expectation but let’s work around this figure. At the current reward rate that would secure $180 per month just for conducting your searches on Presearch instead of Google. This will amount to thousands of dollars leading up to 2026. Nothing is guaranteed but I am just taking a “high likelihood scenario” price zone and appropriating it. It could be higher, or even lower.

Final Thoughts

Any way you choose to look at it, positioning yourself to benefit from doing what you are already doing is a no-brainer, despite where the price may go in the future. Hopefully, PRE will surpass expectations in the next bull market. This tends to happen more often than not, especially when it comes to smaller cap projects that survive.

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