Three Crypto-Based Browsers With Built-In Rewards

Monetization Is Key

When it comes to Crypto, monetizing activity and daily tasks is a no-brainer. Monetizing tasks that you already have to perform is therefore a bonus without any additional effort. Being online, conducting searches, generating and accumulating data has value in the Crypto world. Actually, it has value anywhere on the web, it’s just that up until Crypto and decentralized models, large corporations have been cashing in on the value you have been generating. Blockchain and Crypto-based social media have been on a steady rise since 2020, along with Play2Earn opportunities. Monetization is catching on like a wildfire and even though prices may be down, adoption continues, as does the rise of new opportunities.

For The Active Surfer

I have addressed monetization as an additional income method many times before, as well as touched on some of these browsers. I do however want to highlight three great alternatives to Brave Browser, which I am sure many readers are already currently using on a daily basis. If you are quite active online and conduct an enormous amount of searches on a daily basis, you would have noticed that earnings are capped. All of these Incentivized browsers have a daily earning cap, which is exactly why you need to have multiple browsers available, in order to keep the Crypto rolling in.


Actually, CryptoTab is the only exception that does not have an earning cap! This browser doesn’t even have to be utilized in order to generate earnings. The browser utilizes built-in mining software that mines Monero via your CPU. Earnings are converted into BTC and can be withdrawn once a minimum of 1000 sats is reached.

The reason that the earnings are unlimited is that CryptoTab has a multi-tier referral system, which has the potential to produce ridiculous amounts of free BTC. If you are able to build a large and equally deep mining network, it can be a great addition. Personal earnings appear quite low but the positive is that it doesn’t require any time or maintenance.


This is a fairly new project that has quite a number of unique features. Decentr is a Web3 styled browser focused on privacy, which stores your data on-chain. Unlike Brave Browser, Decentr has an ad blocker and utilizes alternative methods to reward users. The browser also comes with a built-in VPN, definitely making it a browser for privacy lovers. Users are able to earn DEC through storage and activity-based activity, as well as performing and conducting searches. This makes it a superior alternative, as a user who is generating “valuable” data is going to be rewarded for it.

The Decentr token, DEC is currently trading at $0.059 at the time of writing after reaching an all-time high of $0.61 in 2021! DEC can be traded on AscendEX, Hotbit, and a number of other exchanges. Users can also stake DEC or become a validator. The one aspect of Decentr that I really enjoy is the movement away from an ad-based model.


The old favorite, Presearch continues to be a great way to monetize search engine use and has a great alternative to ads in the form of Presearch staking. Referring users can also be very profitable over the longer term by simply hodling your rewards. The current referral reward is 25 PRE, which is approximately $6 but a lot higher when factoring in the all-time high price. Presearch was one of the Altcoins that experienced some serious growth in 2021 and is definitely a hodl token in my opinion.

PRE is also an ERC20 token which also provides motivation to hodl and so avoid those hefty ETH gas fees. The best way to approach these opportunities is to utilize them every day and pay little attention to the earnings. As time passes, accumulation and price appreciation begins to have a significant effect.

Final Thoughts

CryptoTab is a browser that one can even set up on an old laptop and mine away in the background. Considering that CPU mining-based software is actually mining Monero, there is little need to do much else. Decentr is probably the option that everyone should begin moving towards. A Web3 browser with built-in rewards is very much the way forward. Presearch is capped at 30 searches per day, so there is room for additional options for all the dedicated Presearch users out there. Thanks for reading, see you soon!

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