Top 5 Crypto-Based Social Media Platforms


These days it is relatively easy to monetize the content you create and put out on social media. Earning Crypto via various platforms has become something that many people are beginning to warm up to. Many of these platforms already have hundreds of thousands of users taking advantage of these monetization models. Unfortunately, wherever there is free money to be had, there is also abuse. However, spam and low-quality content is something that is everywhere and extremely difficult to completely eradicate.

The upsides are quite significant, in that the communities are generally very focused and committed. Compound that with intelligent interaction and monetization and it becomes obvious as to why even people outside of the Crypto space are being drawn to these platforms.


Hive is a fork from the first blockchain-based blogging and microblogging platform, Steemit. After Justin Sun’s attempt to exercise his dominance and control, community members created Hive. To this day Hive is the most favored of the two. Creating content on Hive is really exciting as the community rewards the content. Earning Hive tokens enables creators to power up (stake) their Hive so as to increase their vote. The more of the token is powered up, the more dollar value is assigned to the vote. This is the case with Hive and other second-layer tribes and communities such as Leofinance.

This is another upside, as a single post can earn multiple tokens across a spectrum of tribes. From a long-term and sustainable point of view, this is my personal favorite. There are some super committed members in the community and there is constantly great content being uploaded. I highly recommend the Hive ecosystem.


This is one of two sites that are under the same ownership and management. is a microblogging platform that could perhaps be compared to Twitter. The difference is, users are actually compensated in BCH for quality and engaging content. Try to spam your way here and you will get shut down! The platform has been running for almost a year and there never appear to be any withdrawal issues.

Simply set your withdrawal threshold and your BCH will be sent to your wallet as soon as it is reached. This platform has become quite busy and provided you are subscribed to some top creators, you can really glean a lot of important information and data. Silencing low-quality content ultimately sidelines problematic spammers quite efficiently and goes a long way in keeping the community useful and relevant.


While is more centered around microblogging, is focused on providing a platform and opportunity for bloggers to create and publish articles that can be rewarded in BCH. The site has a bot that surveys the written landscape seeking out articles worthy of some BCH. Other users can obviously also tip articles that they may find useful or informative. Due to the fact that it is a platform for bloggers exclusively, it does not have as many active users as its sister site

It is however quite difficult to understand the algorithm at play, as the reward structure seems to be very random. There seems to be no constant underlying factor that decides whether a post is worthy or not. Interaction on a post seems to be the only constant defining factor.


This is one of the earliest platforms to arrive and initially rewarded users in ETH and ERC20 tokens. Currently, users are still rewarded in ERC20 tokens, which change from time to time. Ethereum has however been removed as an option, which I am not that happy about but maybe it will return at some point in the future. Publish0x is unique in that readers and publishers alike earn micro tips, unlike other platforms where users have to contribute content for compensation.

Obviously, earnings as a reader are not really comparable to that of content creators, as a reader is limited to a set amount of free tips per 24 hours. There are some quality contributors to the platform, making interaction rewarding and informative in the correct circles.


This particular platform has a bit of a Facebook feel but is very much focused on the Crypto space. Recent UI changes do however break away from the more traditional Facebook look. This platform is very much intentioned to serve the Crypto community and be a hub of Crypto activity. Users can earn the native token of the platform by doing daily, weekly and one-time missions. The ticker is XTM and is currently trading at approximately $0.09 at the time of writing.

Torum can accommodate both microblogging, as well as traditional blog posts and so is attractive to both user types. The platform has recently made a number of advancements, including a listing on Uniswap, as well as PancakeSwap. The team also managed to secure an investment from Huobi, which is a top exchange.

Whatever your social media diet, these 5 platforms have a lot to offer and are definitely worth checking out!