Update – Modest Accumulation Continues

Bull Or Bear? To be honest, it is still a very debatable topic, and the fact that there is uncertainty perhaps points to neither. I have been watching the price action fairly closely in the hope that this current wonky inverse head and shoulders… Continue Reading “Update – Modest Accumulation Continues”

Research, Metrics & Crypto Investment Decisions

Some Investors Even Ignore The Basics When it comes to the term “investors”, there is often hesitancy on my part to actually use that term in some instances. Anyone that purchases an asset is by default referred to as an investor. However, anyone who… Continue Reading “Research, Metrics & Crypto Investment Decisions”

Bitcoin – Don’t Fall For The Distraction 

Strategic Battle Plans After being involved in this industry for many years now, I have managed to discern smoke screens, as well strategic plays by both whales and institutions. Whether the institutions are of a private element or government, they both play the same… Continue Reading “Bitcoin – Don’t Fall For The Distraction “