Bitcoin – Don’t Fall For The Distraction 

Strategic Battle Plans

After being involved in this industry for many years now, I have managed to discern smoke screens, as well strategic plays by both whales and institutions. Whether the institutions are of a private element or government, they both play the same game. When it comes to markets, you really cannot take anything at face value. This is is why being immersed in the Crypto market is so very important, if indeed you are going to successfully navigate your way through the FUD and everything else that gets thrown at you. Being immersed in the market connects you to real and up to date data and intelligence. This is the tool that is able to disprove FUD, or confirm certain information that is actually credible.

There is actually no way that you are able to discern what you are able to trust without it! A wealth of knowledge, understanding and data has a way of making you highly efficient, by default. It is rather similar to the athlete who is able to naturally stun crowds. Immense hours of training have produced an athlete who naturally performs by default. Every time he enters the field, his performance is of a very high calibre. In like manner, a Crypto enthusiast who daily immerses himself in disciplines begins to make really good calls. The reason is that his decisions are undergirded by a wealth of knowledge and data.

Principles Are Very Much Applicable

People see the profits being made in Crypto and they automatically think that they can just jump on in. Comparing it to a time machine that will similarly transport them to a position of wealth. Ignorance is the kindest word to describe such thinking. Although the returns in Crypto are significantly higher than any other market or asset class, the same principles apply. If as an investor, you are not educated, get ready to lose your shirt.

Whale Strategies Exist Thanks To The Uneducated

Once the knowledgeable or insiders begin to see the behavior of the uneducated, they see opportunity. Whales begin to orchestrate plans that thrive on the uneducated or foolish. They feed off of their fear, their greed, and their lack of discipline and conviction. These investors are your “paper hands” and you can count on them to panic and ultimately hand over their coins at a healthy discount.

That being said, if everyone was a savvy investor, the market would be stuck. Intelligence requires fools as does the master require servants or slaves. “The fool will be a servant to the wise”. That’s how it works, so best get going to ensure that you are on the correct side of this principle.

Where Do You Begin?

The first step along this journey is to never take anything at face value, especially media contributions. If you study media stories about Bitcoin over the last decade you will be amazed at the absolute ignorance and misinformation. Now that a lot of the fundamentals of Bitcoin and Crypto are more widely understood, it is very easy to see how incorrect and ultimately damaging the media’s contribution has been.

The Brilliance Of On-Chain Data

Thanks to on-chain analysis, there is an amazing tool at the disposal of every single investor. Once you have found what appears to be factual and accurate data, you need to seek out confluence. This substantiates and confirms your findings and creates a level of trust and credibility to your data, ultimately creating conviction in your view, and subsequently, your investment or trade.

If you never move into this realm, you are merely a gambler. Like a leaf blown in the wind, you will have successes but they will be upon the back of luck. Statistically, your success versus failure rate will be very bad, ultimately costing you money.

So What’s The Take-Away Here?

Firstly, don’t believe everything you read or hear. Secondly, do your own research, so as to find confluence and secure your investment decisions upon some sort of foundation. You also need to remain up to date on what you are investing in. The industry is moving so fast that it is actually very difficult to stay abreast of everything. Choose your investments and sharpen your focus.

Wishing you success, as you navigate the world of Crypto.

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