The Road Ahead For Bitcoin & Crypto

Advancement & Growth Is Unrestrained

Looking back over the past number of years that I have been involved in the Crypto space, I can definitely say that the narratives and goalposts have been shifted numerous times to accommodate the accelerating growth and development of this new technology. It is almost as if it is actually impossible to predict where this will all go next. If you look back on some of the narratives of the past, it becomes clear that the path of Crypto is being created as it advances. Many predictions have failed, only to give birth to new directions and objectives.

Once a particular sector begins to flourish and show promise, it is usually the beginning of a new chapter in the Crypto world. We saw this with DeFi and NFTs and are currently experiencing it with metaverse-based projects. It is unchartered waters, which makes it rather difficult to predict and discern the road ahead.

Regulatory Concerns

This has always been at the epicenter of why so many individuals and corporations have been so uneasy about getting involved in Crypto. This continues to currently weigh on the market and even with more clarity being provided, it is still a very grey area. However, it appears that there is sufficient clarity to encourage a lot more new, once hesitant investors. This will most likely be a contributing factor to how the space grows and advances into the future. Fortunately, there are countries that are extremely Crypto friendly. In a worst-case scenario, they could become safe havens and facilitate progress and development.

Regulation is one example of where the lack of foresight brings in the element of surprise. Many times key advancements are a result of adapting to survive, adjusting to remain relevant. Come to think of it, Bitcoin itself is an advancement to keep monetary value relevant in the midst of an attack on your wealth by terrible government and monetary policies. Challenges can be a great catalyst for progress. However you may choose to look at regulation, it will still continue to influence the path of Crypto into the future.

Recent Trends

The rise of DeFi, NFTs and now the metaverse is a clear indication as to how quickly this industry can grow and mature. There are so many uncertainties and new advancements to be made that apart from knowing the future, it’s a road that can only be formed by soldiering forward and actually creating a path.

There is no path of old to follow or gain any insight from, we are literally on a brand new journey, with a brand new technology.

Investment Psychology

The best approach in my opinion is to seek out the leaders and potential “blue chips” of the different sectors. Furthermore, finding potential gems prior to recognition is also a key strategy in any avenue of Crypto. Numerous factors contribute to successfully identifying these projects. Factors such as who is involved in the project and what have they achieved in their career? Does the project actually serve a significant purpose, or solve any important issues that require solutions?

These are just some of the aspects that need to be considered when scouting for potential gems in the Crypto space. Currently, the most obvious space to try and seek out hidden treasures is the metaverse. There is still to be the crowning of the top metaverse projects and chances are that many are even still to arrive. Doing your homework here and making some informed investments based on some solid research could yield great returns in the future.

Metaverse Project Currently Making Waves

Torum is a Crypto-based social media platform that launched in early 2020. The project has since seen much improvement and development to the point that both Huobi and Kucoin are now investors. Torum has branched out into the DeFi space, as well as NFTs. The platform recently also made a move into the metaverse, making it a project exposed to all the currently trending aspects of Crypto.

Upon launching on Uniswap, the token hovered below the $0.10 mark with short spurts above this level. Upon the news of a Kucoin listing, the token began to rally and has seen tremendous growth since it was announced. At the time of writing, XTM is trading at $2.14. The market cap is only $91 million, which means that there is still room for growth.

Join Torum & Earn XTM Daily

Users of the platform earn XTM on a daily basis for completing missions and are able to interact with Crypto enthusiasts across the globe. The following link can be used to receive a 7.5 XTM bonus upon completing the power bar, which ensures users are here to utilize the platform correctly and not just for the free XTM.

Crypto is definitely in an exciting phase, so enjoy the journey!

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