Digital Real Estate Extends Beyond NFTs & The Metaverse

It’s Not That New

Many people love the idea of investing in traditional real estate for a few key reasons. Firstly, the investment tends to increase in value over time and that “guarantee” alone is enough for some. Secondly, property is an investment that generates a form of passive income. There are however certain elements that require time and effort such as maintenance and other tenant-related issues. It has been the chosen investment vehicle for many over the years and now has a digital competitor in the form of the metaverse and other NFT related projects. This however is not the first form of digital property, although it may be garnering a lot of attention under the misconception that it is. Owning a website that generates daily visitors is an equal form of digital real estate. This is not at all new and is something that I have been personally interested in for many years now. People and corporations have over the years owned multiple digital properties that have generated income for them on an ongoing basis.

You might not own the internet but you can own a property that exists within the internet. In a similar way, owning an NFT does not give you ownership of the metaverse or the chain that powers it. You simply own a “property” within it and are able to generate income from it as it appreciates over time.

A Vast Selection Of Digital Real Estate Alternatives

Anything that exists in cyberspace that simultaneously has value and can generate income can actually be referred to as digital real estate. Michael Saylor has often referred to Bitcoin as digital real estate and has advocated utilizing it as an investment in a similar way that one would utilize property. I personally consider Top 10 staking coins to be prime digital real estate and am quite motivated to acquire as much Solana, Avalanche, and others as possible. To be able to earn 5% to 12% in coin allocation, as the value of the coin rises is very attractive to me. I think it’s important not to get caught up in the idea that an asset needs to exist in the metaverse in order to be considered digital real estate. One could even go as far as to say that a strong Hive account is actually digital real estate. If there is a significant amount of HP then the account simultaneously has value and can also generate income via curation.

Digital Assets On Different Levels

As mentioned earlier, owning property is not a completely passive form of income. There are other needs that require time and attention. It’s not so different in the digital realm, although there are certain options that are entirely passive, such as staking coins & DeFi. There is definitely more variety and choice within the digital landscape than there is in traditional brick and mortar. This is where investors can begin seeking out numerous approaches and subsequently hedge themselves as they diversify their exposure. Owning digital assets/properties that in turn produce income is something I am and have always been very excited about. What makes this idea even more exciting is that the valuations of these assets are still very much in their formative years.

The opportunities are truly unparalleled and one should endeavor to acquire as much digital property and land as possible. This is obviously something that I am very passionate about and is what I have been dedicating my time to for some time now. I think that once you begin to view digital investments from this perspective it can actually begin to help you escape from the typical speculative mindset that has dominated the Crypto space.

Final Thoughts

Owning digital property should be seen as a form of generational wealth as opposed to a “trade” or investment that will only realize a short-term gain. Assets begin to hold much more personal value when they are able to secure an ongoing constant form of income. Thanks for the visit and I hope you give what I have mentioned some thought. There truly is so much potential!

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