From Hard Work To Diligence

One Man’s Hard Work Is Another Man’s Laziness

Before we take this any further, let’s first establish a very important point. Everyone has a different idea or concept of what “hard work” actually is. What one may consider hard work could be considered a walk in the park to another. Due to a varying intolerance, let’s consider hard work to be that which brings one to a point of exhaustion. When you are working in Crypto and are not fortunate enough to have a healthy trust fund or inheritance, you are only left with one single approach and that is hard work! Having a tight schedule and accomplishing daily goals and measurable achievements is imperative for meaningful success. It’s kind of like the blogger who thinks he has endeavored and been persistent because he has published a daily post for an entire month. This in essence actually needs to go on for at least a year and even then success is not guaranteed.

Hard Work Is Seasonal & Not Momentary

Just because someone worked hard on an idea for a week is irrelevant. Hard work often requires years of consistency before it begins to yield fruit. Hard work without the accompaniment of consistency is in most cases an almost futile endeavor. Whether you are building a foundation in Crypto or a passive income mechanism, there will always be an initial period of hard work. This is often avoided by the majority and is exactly why so few experience a level of success that is meaningful and goes on to become even more powerful. Success is guarded by challenges, difficulties, and even hard work! It does not simply surrender its fruit because you want it. Success is at war with you! It wants to defeat you and prove you insignificant. One must overcome the battle and subsequently make success subservient.

People tend to have a very romantic idea of success and how it is attained. Success is attained by force. A constant chipping away that refuses to cease will eventually prevail. Once a measurable level of success is attained there can now come the shift to diligence.

Building Upon The Foundation Of Hard Work

Once you have achieved some level of success and you are experiencing significant reward for your effort you can shift to the approach of diligence. I personally still view diligence as a significant effort, just not all-consuming and exhausting. In many respects, diligence is simply a toned-down version of hard work but what is most important now is consistency as opposed to quantity. This is the equivalent of building upon a foundation in that your success will continue to grow and mature but in a more tempered environment. No matter what you are applying yourself to in the Crypto space, this will often be the approach that can be identified from the position of “successful hindsight”.

Thanks for joining me in unpacking this nugget of truth. Applying it can be a challenge but if you make your challenges exciting and goal-based they can be quite rewarding even before the fruits of your labor arrive!

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