Bitcoin – A Subconscious Realization

It’s Old News

Talking about large institutional investors and other strong demands for Bitcoin is something that I believe most people are now aware of. Both inside and outside of the Crypto space. This was triggered last year as monetary expansion began to pose a threat to larger companies and even hedge funds. This birthed an era of rigorous research by these entities. At the end of their exhaustive measures, was a result that many were most likely surprised by.

An asset that many had not even considered an asset was actually the most sound and safest hedge against inflation and monetary expansion.

An Awkward Introduction

This is when and where many were truly introduced to Bitcoin. They had heard of it, laughed at it, and even mocked it. However, now they were actually face to face with the “monetary policy” and “programmable predictability” of Bitcoin. This is where it all changes. Some of the most passionate advocates of Bitcoin were once some of the biggest naysayers.

This is an extremely important dynamic that exists within the world of Bitcoin. It ultimately means that people’s strong opinions had been conquered by factual data and mathematics. This is what makes this victory so important! It is not merely the victory but rather, how the victory was secured. A victory by mathematics is far superior to any other, due to the fact that it is foundational and cannot be altered.

As Sound As Foundational Mathematics

Mathematics is evident in all of creation and science. Principles and formulas that cannot be altered. They are written into design and creation and can never be altered. It is this victory that has caused many more to realize the tremendous capabilities of Bitcoin and other similarly designed coins.

This is exactly what is required in our current world and especially going forward. Predictability, as well as the ability to increase in value so substantially that inflation is left behind. You need to forget about storing value, BTC creates additional value. We were once impressed by gold that was able to store value. Bitcoin takes it a step further and actually creates and adds value by design.

Uneducated investors think that Bitcoin rises from time to time based on hype and euphoria. However, the actual reason is that it was actually designed to!

From The Subconscious To The Conscious

Many institutions, companies, and private investors are moving into Bitcoin because they have realized a few very key fundamentals regarding BTC. They have seen that Bitcoin truly is the new “property” type of investment for the future. The exact same investment strategy can now be transferred from property investment to Bitcoin.

Property has always been the standard for long-term investors seeking to secure a nest egg for retirement. No knowledge was required, simply buy and hold. I say was because I believe property investment will cease to be as simple as it once was. Over the long-term, this is the only prerequisite required for investing in Bitcoin, simply buy and hold.

The Truth Is Out

Once this truth is effectively articulated to the masses, pretty much everyone will hold Bitcoin. When the majority realize that another asset actually offers a similar result without requiring large monthly installments, the game changes forever! This asset is also not held by the bank until a mortgage has been paid in full. Think about it logically, people spend their lives paying off a house that they will actually sell when they retire to realize the nest egg that will accommodate their golden years.

So you can’t really argue the point that they are homeowners, as the majority will have to forfeit that in order to finance their life. Whether you choose to admit it or not, the property owner’s end goal is a nest egg, not a home. Sure, the wealthier will be able to sustain their current standard of life but they are not the majority.

Bitcoin creates a bigger egg, with less burden and offers rental income in the form of lending and DeFi. The financial landscape is changing fast, don’t be left behind!

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