Envisioning Your Crypto Future & Why It’s Imperative

Aimless Endeavors There are many who enter the Crypto space with an expectation of what they wish to achieve… and yet, simultaneously, have no idea how they are going to get there. Many of these “investors” believe it’s as simple as buying a random… Continue Reading “Envisioning Your Crypto Future & Why It’s Imperative”

Strict Disciplines, Approximation & The End Result

Don’t Be Deceived Developing disciplines and habits that ultimately increase your productivity and efficiency is not an overnight development. Many become discouraged, and even disillusioned in the quest to become more productive. At the end of the day, in an economic expression, productivity creates… Continue Reading “Strict Disciplines, Approximation & The End Result”

Incorporating Strategy, Pace & Discipline

The New Year Is Almost Upon Us Well, it’s been a crazy year. We have seen and experienced so many financial disasters. Unfortunately, these events were outside of our control. Exercising good risk management and diversification is the only way you escaped the carnage.… Continue Reading “Incorporating Strategy, Pace & Discipline”

Bitcoin – Don’t Fall For The Distraction 

Strategic Battle Plans After being involved in this industry for many years now, I have managed to discern smoke screens, as well strategic plays by both whales and institutions. Whether the institutions are of a private element or government, they both play the same… Continue Reading “Bitcoin – Don’t Fall For The Distraction “