Strict Disciplines, Approximation & The End Result

Don’t Be Deceived

Developing disciplines and habits that ultimately increase your productivity and efficiency is not an overnight development. Many become discouraged, and even disillusioned in the quest to become more productive. At the end of the day, in an economic expression, productivity creates “increase”, and “increase” leads to profitability. Everyone desires a level of success, but very few are willing to put into practice and do what is necessary in order to achieve it.

There are however those who realize that the task before them is very much like a marathon, and requires a dedicated approach. This might sound strange, but one also needs to train, if one is to increase productivity. This is the process of approximation, which slowly enables a person to accomplish more and more over time. It’s quite similar to a muscle, which over time gains strength, and is eventually significantly stronger.

It’s at this point that a continuous and constant amount of growth and development over time becomes significant. The journey of approximation did not immediately produce “noticeable” results. However, over time, the results become rather meaningful. I think that this is where many seem to fail. They believe that a month or two of dedication and commitment are enough, and if there is no noticeable difference, then it’s just a waste of time.

This is where many underestimate the distance and severity of the journey. They become weary and turn back. No matter how hard you push in the gym, you are not going to achieve noticeable and significant results within a week or two. It’s a constant grind over many months and even years that brings about the desired result. It’s exactly the same when it comes to any other aspect of growth. All growth is a journey of approximation.

Benefits Of The Journey

Those who “opt-out” prior to realizing any meaningful accomplishments also miss out on the additional “benefits” the journey has to offer. Not only will you be growing in terms of your productivity and efficiency, but also in knowledge and understanding. You can’t really experience one without the other. The more productive you are, the more you are exposed to, and “forced” to understand and appropriate.

Essentially, becoming more efficient and productive also means becoming more knowledgeable. This is often knowledge that will bypass the majority because they have not exposed themselves by pushing forward beyond their comfort zones. The individual who makes a conscious decision, followed by a dedicated effort is the one who will experience growth, knowledge, and insight. The lazy desire, but are never satisfied.

Choosing to embark on a journey of increased productivity, simultaneously brings growth in other avenues of life and personal development. The “whole” person benefits from a lifestyle of dedication and productivity. The end result is one of “all-rounded” growth and development that ends up benefiting a lot more than your level of productivity.

Final Thoughts

You are not going to experience any meaningful developments, growth, and satisfaction from applying yourself to a strict routine and form of dedication for a few months. This has to become a lifestyle. A lifestyle of pushing your limits and expanding your borders. Development and growth do not take place from a position of comfort. Ask anyone who has managed to sculpt a gym body. It’s a difficult and tiring path.

If it didn’t cost you anything, don’t expect to receive anything. This is how growth takes place in every aspect of life. It is oftentimes, even painful and uncomfortable. However, the reward is sweet, provided you keep pushing and expanding your limitations. This is the road to productivity, efficiency… and eventually, success. All the best, catch you in the next one!

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