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September – The Month Of Accumulation?

Authority Comes Down To One Thing A lot of people view “authority” according to numbers. In particular, followers, likes, and general engagement. I however view an authoritative voice via the only true metric, accuracy. Being well-connected, ranked, and “worshipped” won’t bring accuracy to your… Continue Reading “September – The Month Of Accumulation?”

Bitcoin – In Desperate Need Of A Significant Decoupling

A Strange Asset Bitcoin is a rather unique asset, being extremely volatile in the short term and yet displaying amazing returns over the longer term. Traditional investors are unable to accurately class and explain Bitcoin, which leaves the asset being classed along with risk-on… Continue Reading “Bitcoin – In Desperate Need Of A Significant Decoupling”

Bitcoin & The Macro Picture

Bitcoin Idles On Looking back into the Bitcoin price action reveals how the price has actually been stuck at the $39K zone for some time now. Even though there have been surges to the upside, BTC has been constantly pulled back into this lock… Continue Reading “Bitcoin & The Macro Picture”