Conviction & Excitement In A Bear Market

Conviction Ahead Of All Else As I mentioned in my recent post, “A Blockchain-Based World Is Inevitable”, it is merely a matter of time before blockchain and Crypto completely redefine our world. What this in essence means for those who are able to identify… Continue Reading “Conviction & Excitement In A Bear Market”

Conviction – What Are You Doing In Crypto Without It?

You Will Be Challenged Investing in traditional stocks and other assets is an exercise that requires one to hold firmly to their beliefs. Investment decisions will eventually be tested at some point or another. Consider for a moment how this is amplified within the… Continue Reading “Conviction – What Are You Doing In Crypto Without It?”

Is The Crypto Community In Denial?

Not Quite As Expected Ok, it’s safe to say that 2021 didn’t close as many of us expected. It was a textbook example of an anti-climax, which as expected, left many disinterested. During the course of 2021, I had quite a number of people… Continue Reading “Is The Crypto Community In Denial?”