Capturing Value – The Root Of Wealth Creation

Gaining An Advantage When projects are heavily discounted in a bear market it is often tempting to choose the most battered coins and tokens. The reasoning here is that a return to previous highs will ultimately increase your profit margin. This can sometimes work… Continue Reading “Capturing Value – The Root Of Wealth Creation”

Every LEO Is A Dollar!

Perspective How we choose to view things in life makes all the difference. We are all familiar with the “glass half full” mindset and so on. For me, I need to envision my investments in the future. I have to come to a place… Continue Reading “Every LEO Is A Dollar!”

The Unique Quality That Gives Bitcoin The Upper Hand

Correlation To Risk-On Assets For the meantime, Bitcoin continues to function as a risk-on asset. It is largely seen as a speculative and high-risk investment vehicle. In a risk-on environment Bitcoin generally tends to perform well. There has been a lot said in relation… Continue Reading “The Unique Quality That Gives Bitcoin The Upper Hand”

Hive & Leofinance – The Built-In Hedge

The Risk Is Real Investing in Crypto is a risky move, especially if you go about it all wrong. A lot of people often approach me in my hometown, asking me what they should buy, as they are looking to get into Crypto. My… Continue Reading “Hive & Leofinance – The Built-In Hedge”

Bitcoin Has No Intrinsic Value?

What Exactly Is Intrinsic Value This is a term that is tossed around a lot by “value investors”, such as Warren Buffet. These investors look for stocks or assets that are trading well below their intrinsic value. So what exactly is Intrinsic value? Intrinsic… Continue Reading “Bitcoin Has No Intrinsic Value?”

Understanding The Bitcoin Store Of Value Argument

Everyone Lapped Up The “Bitcoin Is Digital Gold” Narrative Looking back to when this narrative was born, I immediately disagreed but perhaps not in a way that many would expect. Regular readers will remember my post, “Bitcoin Is Not Gold 2.0 – So What… Continue Reading “Understanding The Bitcoin Store Of Value Argument”

Here’s Why Spam Is Dominant On Some Platforms & Not Others

Different Models & Their Incentives As users flock to Crypto-based platforms to enjoy some free Crypto, there are a few flaws that become abundantly clear in certain models. These rewards or incentives often begin on a very high note, only to be watered down… Continue Reading “Here’s Why Spam Is Dominant On Some Platforms & Not Others”