Crypto – Well-Positioned To Dominate The Decade

It’s All Coming Together

The idea of regulation and “slam dunks” from the SEC is not a very attractive idea, to say the least. However, it is still part and parcel of what needs to transpire in order for Crypto to “dominate the decade”. Numerous developments are beginning to come together, ultimately, preparing Crypto for an unparalleled decade of performance and adoption.

Let’s not forget that many future trends are directly tethered to the Crypto space. Ultimately, blockchain changes everything. The metaverse and AI are both very much inherently Crypto in nature and are still to experience real growth, adoption, and development. Crypto haters will have no option but to acknowledge and witness the growth of this particular industry.

This is my 8th year in Crypto, and my conviction is as strong as ever. What I have seen over this period of time has only served to strengthen and enhance my conviction. If you were around back then you will know that it was mostly considered an enormous gamble. That has since changed. Now, it’s simply a case of when!

When Is Now

If one looks back over the past two years it actually becomes rather apparent that “when” has already begun. The adoption of Crypto as legal tender, along with numerous other significant developments have all served to announce that this is in fact Crypto’s moment, and ultimately, its decade!

When you begin to view the Crypto space from this perspective it becomes easier to envision the end game. Bear markets have a way of destroying hope amongst newcomers, as well as those lacking true conviction. If you want to evaluate the strength of your conviction then look to your actions. Your actions reveal what you truly believe.

The Journey Continues

The resilience of Bitcoin, in particular, has only proved how powerful anti-fragility can be. This network has overcome challenges that would have crushed traditional networks and business models. There are many cases of survival, despite the odds, Bitcoin just happens to have shouldered much of the brunt.

For the average investor, this is a journey of accumulation. Increasing one’s holdings at the best possible price, while simultaneously staying up to speed with the industry is the name of the game. This is what investors need to be doing as they continue down the path. Development and expansion are happening everywhere, and you want to be exposed to relevant and significant projects.

However, what will be relevant in three years’ time might not be relevant now. I have previously mentioned that I believe the altcoin market is yet to be shaken by the SEC. This has encouraged my research and accumulation of fairly launched projects. This includes the absence of an ICO.

Currently, this is not really of much importance. However, I do believe that it is just a matter of time before it becomes almost imperative. FTX was a great exchange until it wasn’t. A project that does things right will outshine those that were built on a questionable foundation.

Fortunately, many are oblivious to this, and so investment opportunities abound. Once again, it’s all about conviction. You have to see and believe in the future before it arrives if you wish to benefit from it. You can’t begin investing in something once everyone has realized it. Conviction can be lonely… but equally profitable.

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