Stop Waiting For The Next Bull Market

Time Is More Valuable

Have you ever made arrangements to meet up with someone, only to have them arrive at your home hours later? Instead of getting “things done” that you need to get done, you simply wait around, telling yourself “they will be here shortly”. Eventually, you have wasted hours because you anticipated their arrival “at any minute”. Instead of simply hanging around, attacking your “to-do” list would have been the way to go. On their arrival, you could have simply paused what you had begun, and continued on once they had left.

Instead of focusing on when the next bull market will be, rather spend your time preparing for the next bull market, so that when it arrives you are positioned to benefit from it. A bull market is only beneficial to you if you have skin in the game, and if you want skin in the game, now is the time! We could very well still see lower levels, in fact, I believe we will. However, for the average investor with a long-term horizon, the current market is presenting some decent discounts.

Just prior to this recent mini-pump, Solana was trading at approximately $28! Cardano was also trading in a bit of a sweet spot. Yes, lower levels are definitely possible, but current prices are now at an acceptable point, at least in my opinion. One does not even need to be accumulating via the purchasing of assets. As mentioned many times, the incentivized Crypto economy is simply bursting with potential.

Smart Accumulation

I say potential, as once again, these opportunities are meaningless, void of your effort and commitment. Those who develop the “right mindset” are the ones who ultimately benefit when the next bull market eventually comes around. I promise you, once it eventually does kick in, you will be kicking yourself that you didn’t do more! I have been personally challenged of late to become even more efficient and productive with my time. Besides, there is no greater feeling than accomplishment!

Structuring a demanding schedule, and then meeting those demands is extremely rewarding, at least for me. I love the idea of passive income, but I also understand that it still needs to be built. Being as productive and proactive as possible now, will be rewarding and enriching later on. That’s just how this game is played. A bull market rewards your effort, diligence, and commitment.

Important To Note

I am also of the conviction that Bitcoin will eventually break its “partnership” with traditional finance. I also have a strong conviction that there will be various “failures” within the banking sector during the course of 2023. These events will ultimately become catalysts for bullish Bitcoin price action. However, we have no idea if and when these events will occur. We can only prepare and wait.

The more I consider the next bull market, the more I envision a double-whammy scenario. If one or both of the abovementioned events take place, that would be the initial leg up. I would then consider the halving in 2024 to initiate the second leg of the bull run. That’s how I am beginning to picture how the next bull market could unfold. At the end of the day, being prepared is never a wasted endeavor. Let’s keep building and working towards tomorrow, as it may arrive sooner than we think!

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